Travel Photography Tips - 6 Tips For Taking Better Travel Photos

6 Tips On How To Take Better Travel Photos

Have you found that most people seem to take photographs of their holidays and travelling that look like carbon copies of postcards they could probably buy at a gift store or the airport before coming home? It’s understandable because they have tried to capture the most iconic images from their destinations, whether it’s Nelson’s Column, Sydney Opera House or the Eiffel Tower. That’s one of the reasons why we travel to those kinds of places in the first place.

However, think back to your last holiday – what is it that you remember the most? Those big attractions and famous landmarks? Or was it the buskers, street vendors, the smell of the morning rain, the locals sitting in the quaint little cafés and the pretty and colourful markets you walked around?

When you travel next, try to think beyond the postcard mentality and create your own memories, stories and iconic images of what your holiday really meant to you. In the following post you will find some tip to get you started.

Make Use Of Signs In Your Shots

Whether it’s street signs, local newspaper stands, store signs that have been painted creatively, or something simple like the name and price of produce at the local farmer’s market written in the local language; using signs as focal points or as backdrops will give your pictures a sense of time and place. These are the kinds of pictures that can evoke your memories more.

Include Locals In Your Pictures

Although you probably do what everyone else does and try to keep other people, especially locals out of your photographs. In order to get more memorable shots that will take you right back there, you should try and include locals in your shots whenever possible.

Whether it is just an old couple sitting in a café or people on their way to work or buying fruit from the market. If you have time you should also try and take a picture of busy streets. If you wait patiently enough, you will find a story to base your pictures around.

Use A Number Of Different Frames To Create A Photo Story

If for example you are visiting an old antiques market, you could set the scene by taking some general shots of the whole place to establish where you are. Then you could proceed to take pictures of the various characters frequenting the market, the items for sale, people bartering and bidding for particular items and then exchanging money when they won something.

These kinds of images can make your photo albums and wall displays all the more interesting as there will be a story to tell behind them, rather than just random unconnected shots.

Avoid Boring Shots Of Landmarks

Avoiding taking the same shots everyone else has in the past. Rather than taking those awkward family photos of everyone stood in front of famous landmarks, take pictures of your husband interacting with locals at the tavern, your kids eating a nice fresh pastry from a French patisserie.

These are the kind of photographs you will want to help you remember the great times you had on holiday, rather than stale pictures of tourist attractions.

Resist The Urge To Take Those Postcard Photographs

Obviously, you will still want to take pictures of the landmarks and attractions you saw on your travels. Try to take them from a different perspective though. Instead of the wide shots that we have all seen before, take shots that focus on the Eiffel Tower’s bolts and beams.

These kinds of detail shots of architecturally important buildings help to emphasise any traditional photographs of landmarks you have in your collection.

Hone And Perfect Your Food Photography Skills

Obviously one of the things that will always take you down memory lane and put you right back there in that Spanish square or little Italian restaurant is some nicely framed shots of local food and drink. Try to get a window table in a restaurant or café you are eating at and take pictures of your meals without the dreadful flash.

As you can see, it is not actually difficult to take better travel shots. Sure there is a little more involved than simply pointing at the big statue and shouting “Say cheese”, but if you want travel photographs you are proud to show other and will capture those wonderful memories you have, you can but you need to put a little thought into them.

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