Travel Links & Blogs

Travel Links

Here is a list of travel blogs and links I like to follow and keep up to date with. I have included awesome travelers and backpackers that share some amazing stories and also more informative websites that give you actionable tips and tricks you can implement.

If you want to exchange links, contact me. I will be sure to check out your site.

Travel Blogs

Nomadic Samuel – A travel blog including including photos, videos & Stories.
That Backpacker – A travel blog offering travel tips & inspiration.
Backpacking Travel Blog – Overseas abroad adventures.
Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Happy shinny people portraits & grins.
Travel Bloggers Guide– A guide for starting your own travel blog.
Travel Magazine – An online travel magazine.
The Professional Hobo – How to travel full-time in a financially sustainable way.
Eurail Passes – Travel by train in europe.
Albom Adventures – Sharing photos, adventure stories, and travel tips.
Writing Break – Writing and Travel.
The Outside Office – Personally exploring the places we recommend.

Travel Directories

Travel Blog Directory – Directory of travel blogs from around the world.
Bookmark Travel Directory – A comprehensive directory of all things travel.
Cotswolds – Cotswolds Tour Guide – Travel Information.