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48 Of The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Travel Blogs For Inspiring You Right Now

best vegan travel blogs 2017If you’re looking for practical, insightful and vegan orientated travel blogs, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 48 best vegan travel blogs online, to get you pumped and inspired in 2017. As you know, there are no shortage of amazing vegan travel writers, but we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute best. Whether you’re an aspiring vegan traveller or already travelling the world as a Vegan, these vegan travel blogs will give you the tools, tips and techniques to make travelling as a Vegan a breeze.

vegan world trekker maria

Vegan World Trekker

Maria has been a vegetarian since the age of 8 and a vegan for over 10 years. She loves to travel and this is the main focus on her site. She is a vegan travel blogger who blogs about her travels, the sightseeing and the vegan dining she finds across the globe.  In addition to her travel blog articles, Maria also has info on other aspects of vegan travel (accommodations transport, skincare and vegan travel clothing). Her blog is an excellent all-rounder for vegan travel and covers topics many other blogs tend to leave out.


amanda burger

Burger Abroad

Amanda Burger is a full time traveller and has been for a few years. But her experience of travelling as a Vegan goes much further back than this. She is an absolute wealth of information when it comes to travelling in and of itself – with advice on budget travel and minimalism (which is why she has been able to make travel a full time journey for herself). Amanda also has many Vegan food travel guides, so you can suss out the best places to eat in various locations.

chronicles of a travel addict

Chronicles of a Travel Addict

Cristina is addicted to travel and it shows in her amazing blog! Cristina has travelled and lived in 35 countries so knows her way about. She also prefers travelling more ethically and on a budget by choosing to backpack, use hostels and eat on the cheap. Her site is a great resource for learning about different cultures and eating Vegan easily while exploring what the world has to offer. A truly inspiring blog about her own personal travels with tips and advice along the way.

herbivores heaven

Herbivore’s Heaven

Jenny has been a Vegan since 2014 (and before that she was a vegetarian living in Hong Kong). She currently lives in Prague and has an ambition to visit every European city she can and eat all the vegan food she can along the way. Jenny has numerous posts on different Vegan restaurants in Prague as well as being vegan in various different countries including Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Hungary and Germany to name a few.

sam zab indefinite adventure

Indefinite Adventure

This blog is owned by Sam and Zab, a British couple who took a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires in 2013 and never looked back. The blog chronicles their adventures as a Vegan couple travelling all over. Sam and Zab have some great vegan food in places like Amsterdam, Munich, Glasgow and Kuala Lumpa to name a few. They are both a wealth of information for vegan food and travelling.

the nomadic vegan

The Nomadic Vegan

Wendy Werneth is a traveller, food lover and speak several different languages. She has travelled to a LOT of different places and finds being vegan easy to do while travelling. As a result, she has some great tips for easy vegan travel as well as specific guidance on vegan food in places she has travelled.

bounding over our steps

Bounding Over Our Steps

Bounding Over Our Steps is written by Couple Ligeia and Mindy who have been vegan since 2012. They enjoy finding hidden vegan treasures when they travel and they have travelled extensively. Ligeia and Mindy have lots of vegan restaurant reviews plus many articles on their travels in Canada, USA, Thailand and Singapore to name a few.


mostly amelie

Mostly Amelie

Amélie is a solo world traveller who is minimal in her approach. Her posts are not only about vegan food and travelling, but also more practical advice about work permits and photography to name a few. Amélie’s blog is overall a stand out travel blog and even if you aren’t vegan you will learn a lot from Amélie and her travels. Of course though she has lots of great guides on vegan food too including what she takes on road trips too.


city lovee

City Loveee

Christina is a vegan blogger and youtuber. The aim of her site is to provide a community and go-to source for anything vegan. Christina has backpacked across Europe and continues to travel. Through her backpacking journey, she realized that being vegan while travelling isn’t actually that hard. Her website offers an array of vegan guides for different cities and locations. She also talks about cruelty-free essential items she uses and blogs about her eating habits. Overall you will find a wealth of information if travel and veganism are both really important to you.

plant powered nomad

Plant Powered Nomad

Amelia is a solo traveller and has been travelling from a very young age. She has a lot of experience with vegan cuisine and offers insight with her posts in various different places. She even talks about specific beverages like how to get a vegan coffee! She also has some great posts on how veganism has changed different people’s travel experiences and being respectful while vegan and travel.

Slow Vegan Travel (Anglo-Italian Follow Us)

Dale and Francis have been travelling the world since 2012. Their approach to travel is cheap and slow. Not only do they give lots of tips and guidance on travelling as a vegan; they also have guides on travelling “slowly”. Slow travel is about appreciating where you are visiting and taking the time to truly explore, instead of going lightning fast from one destination to the next without really getting to know it. They also have some great budget tips too. You will learn a lot from these guys!

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heart of a vagabond

Heart of a Vagabond

Yara is a vagabond at heart; having travelled since she was 18. She offers great insight into vegan foods while travelling but also offers insight into the more spiritual side of travelling. She also talks about responsible travel too. Yara certainly will have you thinking on a larger scale about veganism and what it means in terms of the bigger picture.

justin plus lauren

Justin Plus Lauren

Justin and Lauren are a couple who are slowly travelling across the world. They travel as much as they can and blog about it. As vegans, they have a lot to say about plant-based cuisine on their travels. They also have insight into eco-friendly travel and have some great location guides, of which many evolve around “road trips”. This is a fairly unique approach and not found in many other blogs. Their travel photos are also amazing and feature places like Kenya and the Jamaica. Their travel photos also include food shots to have you mouth-watering over delicious vegan cuisine.

mindful wanderlust

Mindful Wanderlust

Giselle and Cody are a couple love to travel in a compassionate and responsible way. They have reviews on vegan cuisine and accommodation. Their travel experience is pretty diverse from places like India and Nepal to Cambodia and Egypt. They also cover topics such as house sitting, visits to animal sanctuaries and more. A very diverse and full blog of Giselle’s and Cody’s experiences can be found here – try not to get lost!

vegan food quest

Vegan Food Quest

Caryl and Paul are a vegan couple who left good ol’ England in 2014 to travel the world and taste all the vegan delights it has to offer. They have great restaurant reviews in many many different places across the world. Most blogs tend to err on the side of budgets when it comes to travel but Caryl and Paul blog about luxury travel too. They have both vegan travel guides and vegan luxury travel guides for you to peruse. So if you fancy travelling in utter comfort and luxury then this blog will certainly help you out with that.

vegan nom noms

Vegan Nom Noms

Nicole is an American Expat living in Germany. Her blog started in 2008 and includes a lot of different travel guides and experiences in a lot of different places. Not only does she talk about vegan food, she also mentions places you can stay on which is very helpful when you are new to an area. Nicole also has a great range of vegan recipes too and many are very easy to make.

worldwide vegetarian

Worldwide Vegetarian

Katie covers both vegetarian and vegan travel. She has travelled extensively through India, Europe and North America. Travel inspiration has ultimately resulted in Katie sharing some great easy and healthy vegan recipes. She also has a great range of “travel through photo” posts – that lets you see her travels in pictures rather than just reading her experiences.

vegan globe trotter

The Vegan Globe Trotter

Grace and Benjamin are a vegan couple who love travelling. They blog about vegan food and recipes as well as give tips on travelling to places they have visited and restaurant reviews too. The blog is also available in Spanish.

vegan travel

Vegan Travel

Vegan Travel is a community run site and has insight from a variety of people, as opposed to just one. Each blogger has a passion for vegan travel, so it is essentially a number of vegan treavel blogs wrapped into one. As well as great articles of people’s travels, there are also vlogs too. A great place to get a diversity of experience, tips and reviews for all things vegan travel.

tofu diaries

The Tofu Diaries

Natalie Tamara is a UK based blogger who has travelled to 65 countries and counting. She set up her blog to note down her fantastic vegan recipes, document her photography and document her travels. All of these things make for a great vegan travel blog.

wtf vegan food

Will Travel For Vegan Food

Kristin is a lover of food and travel. In 2011 she changed her lifestyle so that she could work exclusively online and therefore from any location. She has travelled all over the USA and reviewed a LOT of vegan restaurants by doing so. In the Spring of 2016 she won an around-the-world award that she is currently on – travelling to various different places on a trip that will end in Feb 2017. She has a lot of content and insight into travelling while vegan, restaurant and hotel reviews as well as doing “What I Ate In A Day” in several different locations. From Kristin’s passion, you will learn along about veganism and travel.

vegan miam

Vegan Miam

Rika and Doni love developing bold passionate recipes that are inspired from their travels. You can find a wonderful array of vegan recipes on their site to drool over. They also have vegan guides to different places they have visited and also comment on eating vegan in airline lounges. If you have a real passion for vegan food, Vegan Miam is a great website to visit for inspiration.

beth whitman

Wanderlust and Lipstick

Beth Whitman has nearly 30 years of travel experience and is considered a women’s travel expert. She writes to encourage and inspire solo women travellers. Her blog is a wealth of information on travelling particularly for women. Beth also set up WanderTours which gives women adventures to exotic destinations around the world.

charlie on travel

Charlie On Travel

Charlie is a long time traveller from the UK. She writes about green and sustainable travel with her partner Luke. Her blog focuses on “slow travel” including posts about house sitting, air bnb and volunteering options. They have a range of slow travel guides on their blog and the insight into alternatives forms of accommodation makes it a great resource for anyone interested in house sitting or treading more lightly.


the touring kiwi

Tiki Touring Kiwi

Jub is a Kiwi who loves travelling, hiking and sporting events. He has some great blog posts on his travels giving insight into the best snacks to travel with and the best places to eat at for vegan food. He also blogs about his expectations versus reality when visiting certain places. In some cases being surprised by the abundance of vegan foods available. Another great little blog to be inspired by to travel and enjoy the world.

vegan in brighton

Vegan in Brighton

Jojo made the leap to a full time traveller in January 2015 but recently has decided to take a little time out due to craving a sense of community she felt was missing in her travels. Her honesty and openness of her experiences are what makes Jojo’s blog a special place to visit and absorb.

carolyn holistic voyager

Healthy Voyager

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is a Latina holistic nutritionist and Vegan chef. She also is an avid traveler who likes to stay healthy while she does so. She has some great articles on travel and food including articles specifically about healthy holidays – which is great if you want to go on holiday but not throw out all your healthy eating and fitness habits!

the vegan word caitlin

The Vegan Word

Caitlin is the brains behind The Vegan Word and she loves to blog about food and travel. Caitlin was a vegan fan from the age of 13 but first went vegan when she was 21. Her blog will help you find the best vegan foods while travelling as well as great vegan recipes from super simple to complicated. Caitlin has travelled to a LOT of places and has lots to say to inspire and help you with your ambitions.

veggie visa

Veggie Visa

Randi and Michael are the creators of Veggie Visa. Rnadi is a wanderer and Michael is a backpacker. Their mission for the site is to discover vegan liftestyle options all over the world. They have a great range of travel and recipe articles and are not militant about their veganism. This is great for those who have no yet made the change to veganism or who are looking to tip their toes in.

arzo travels

Arzo Travels

Arzo is a travel addict with a passion for vegetarian food and fashion. You’ll find tips on what to do in various locations, how to travel solo as a female, heras well as insight into vegetarian travel and recipes.  She also isn’t always about budget travel and likes to travel in luxury too if her budget can accommodate for it. She loves blogging and will inspire you in your own travels.  A great blog to read that keeps on giving and giving.

vegan world traveller

Vegan World Traveller

Dennis is a passionate traveller and vegan, who set up his site to inspire others to think about their diet and impact as well as to help current vegans find great places to eat while they travel. Dennis also has a range of delicious recipes on the site and frequently has a great range of perspectives from other writers.

aspiring digital nomad

The Aspiring Digital Nomad

The Aspiring Digital Nomad is a blog run by a lady who chose to quit her job in 2014 and look for more in life. She wanted to travel and be more flexible with her working life. She is also a vegan.  The blog is relatively new compared to many on this list, but it is a great read with plenty of advice on several different aspects of travel and vegansim including solo travel, packing accommodation tips and more. She also has advice on how to set up your own travel blog and gives insights into her own vegan travels and experiences.

airplanes and avocadoes

Airplanes & Avocadoes

Emily is a Canadian beach bum whose blog is about sustainable and healthy travel. She is an environmental and political science student with a desire to save a world she wants to fully explore. She combines her studies with travel but hasn’t sacrificed one for the other. As well as delving into sustainability she also has posts on vegan foods, beauty products and what to do while travelling. This is a wonderful inspiring blog that is worth exploring for your daily travel calories.

marsha world within her

World Within Her

World Within Her is a luxury vegan travel blog for those who don’t have to worry about a budget. It is also about sustainability. Marsha is the creator of this wonderful luxurious blog. If you want to be inspired by luxury travel posts with a vegan slant, then this blog will certainly do it.

angela orrechio

Angela Orecchio

Angela Orecchio is a big traveller (having travelled over 40 countries) and also a vegan who has managed to clear up a number of health issues due to the change of diet. Her website focuses on travel, food, health and fitness. She has a number of posts on how to be vegan in various places. Although her blog isn’t updated as frequently as some others, she still has some great tips and inspirational posts around veganism (and raw veganism) as well as travel. You can definitely pick up a few things from her.


paper planes blog

Paper Planes

Alana Morgan has always been fascinated with other cultures and places. She has been living in Thailand for 3 years and has accumulated a wealth of information on living and eating in Thailand. She has some indepth posts on how to order in Thailand, particularly if you are vegetarian and what this means in relation to whether you are eating traditional food or not. Paper Planes is more about sharing tips, stories and activities and is a great read. Alana can also be found on WanderLust and Lipstick too.


globe trotter girls

Globe Trotter Girls

Dani has been a full time traveller since 2010 and has lots to say on the subject. Her site is a treasure trove of travel information.  She talks about the best vegetarian places to eat at, gear, house sitting, travel tips and reflects on her own travels too. She has a section specifically for foodies too, if that is all you care about! She also has a section for those on a tight budget that want to travel. Her site is very indepth about many different subjects that other sites fail to cover. Definitely a site to have in your must-read list.

chelsey crafts

Chelsey Crafts

Chelsey is a makeup artist by trade but loves any form of creative expression. She loves to cook and and loves to travel.  She is originally from Australia but has travelled to many destinations across the world. Chelsey’s blog is a great place to discover different places and also to get guides on vegan restaurants and vegan recipes, including guides on veganism in various places like Hawaii!

lessons learned abroad

Lessons Learned Abroad

Lessons Learned Abroad is a blog for the budget adventurer. It is an ethical travel blog that has some interesting and unique perspectives that aren’t really found on other blogs. It talks about the downsides to travelling as well as the consequences of being polite as a vegan. The blog also doesn’t shy away from talking about negative experiences. This is a great blog to get an honest viewpoint of what travelling is like and how it isn’t always awesome and wonderful.

live and lets go

Live And Let’s Go

Anja is enthusiastic about travel and food but also writing, painting and drinking wine to name a few.  Her blog encompasses her life, which includes a good bit of travel, food and her home life in Copenhagen. Anja has many posts on her travels and also eating as a vegan in various places including Croatia and her home in Copenhagen.

vegan cruiser

Vegan Cruiser

Vegan Cruiser is a relatively new blog and is more specific about its form of travel. It is about Cruises and dispelling the myths that they are boring and only for rich retired folk. Sanna (the Owner) loves cruises and being at sea. She is also a vegan too and shows that cruises can easily be for vegans too. As someone who has worked on Cruises (and I am currently working on one right now!) it is great to get the other perspective.


do less get more done

Do Less Get More Done

Do Less Get More Done is an ethical and green living blog that focuses on travel, veganism, photography and yoga. Travel focuses on meeting people and focusing on really getting to know the culture and exploring just as locals do as opposed to tourists. The blog is a great source of inspiration and also gets you thinking a bit differently about travel and what to do in particular places.

vegan tea room

Vegan Tea Room

Laura is not only a vegan and loves to travel but also minimalist in her approach to all things in life. She is very much sustainability and green living and naturally minimalism goes hand in hand with this. The Vegan Tea Room was started in January 2015 initially as a recipe blog but over time as transformed into a travel blog as well due to Laura’s severe case of wanderlust. Laura has quite a few vegan city guides which include prices and reviews of various restaurants in that city. This gives a great indication to anyone travelling there what they can expect from the food and also if its going to cost a lot. As well as learning about Laura’s travel, you will also find information about ethical fashion and of course plenty of recipes to try. Vegan Tea Room is a quaint little blog we think you will get a lot from.

eat away

Eat Away

Eat Away is run by Libby and Marcel, a hard working plant based couple who have been travelling the world since 2014. Despite their travels, they still manage to produce content on a weekly basis on their youtube channel.   Eat Away isn’t diverse in travel destinations as other places but is an excellent resource for the places it does have – particularly if you are following a vegan lifestyle. If you are looking for travel and vegan inspiration, Libby and Marcel have you covered.

zombie said

The Zombie Said

Steph is a lazy blogger from the UK. Her blog doesn’t have a main focus but covers many different areas that include veganism, travel, beauty and lifestyle. With travel she has some posts that are photo-centric.  It gives you a great look at a particular place she has visited. She also shares her experiences eating vegan in several places too with photos of what she has eaten too. As well as travel and food, Steph also blogs about beauty products and also about her life (you can see her goals for 2017 in a recent blog post). It is a very interesting blog, with a great name, great pictures of places and a beautiful writing style.


nomad girl

Nomad Girl

Jasmine has a love of wandering particularly with a backpack on! Her website is a place where she documents new places she has discovered and her travels around the world. She has information about her roadtrips, accommodation she has stayed in as well as information about volunteering. She also has some great info on travel gear and lots of details about her specific explorations of places (including costs of transport, accommodation and meals). Jasmine also has a youtube channel too which goes in depth on various travel related issues and trips.

north and south nomads

North & South Nomads

Shawn and Jess are a couple in their 30s. They love outdoor adventures and blog about vegan cuisine, cultural experiences, festivals and their adventures around the world. They have hotel and airline reviews as well as a focus on attractions including museums and exhibitions. This diversity in content and content covered is what makes them stand out as a truly remarkable blog.

the veggie traveler

The Veggie Traveler

Lori is a vegetarian and her site is a great resource for Vegetarians of all ages. She has information on vegetarianism for adults, children and teens. Her site also has a wide variety of recipes to try too and information on how to meal plan. As well as being a go-to resource for Vegetarians, Lori also blogs about travelling as a vegetarian. Although her blog isn’t as heavy on the travel side as many on the list, it is still a valuable source for any vegetarian traveller out there.

We hope this list of beautiful Vegan and Vegetarian Travel Bloggers will help inspire and motivate you in 2017 on your own travel and health paths.

Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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