Stress Free Travel - 10 Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful

10 Stress Free Travel Tips

Despite the fact that a holiday is meant to be a chance to relax, unwind and recuperate before returning to your normal work life, there is no denying that travelling can and often is very stressful.

Whether it is the worry about packing the right number and style of clothes, having enough foreign currency and looking for the best way to exchange your normal currency for spending money for your holiday or getting to the airport or on your chosen form of transport in time.

It doesn’t have to be stressful and regardless of whether you are taking a business trip or a regular recreational traveler, the key to keeping your levels of stress low is being relaxed and calm not just during your journey but before and after it too.

To help you out, we have put together a list of 10 ways you can ensure stress free travel.

#1. Online Check-In

It’s never fun if you are already behind schedule and stressed and get to the airport to find a big queue for the check-in desk for your flight. Avoid this unnecessary stress by checking in before you go to the airport and then all you need to do is take your carry-on bag when you arrive at the airport and head to the next stage.

#2. Book Your Seat Before You Travel

If you are already feeling stressed, your mood will only be worsened if you board the plane only to realise you have limited legroom and are stuck between other passengers. Instead, you should take the extra step of reserving a specific seat and ensuring that you get one with extra legroom, to help reduce the stress.

#3. Book A Hotel Room For The Night Before Your Flight

Take some of the stress away from your flight if you have one booked for before midday, by booking a hotel close to the departing airport. That way you will be able to have a good sleep, get up and have some breakfast before heading to the airport with plenty of time. There are some hotels that offer transport for free.

#4. Dress For Comfort Not For Fashion

Avoid wearing tight clothing on flights, particularly if they are long-haul. Wear comfortable, loose and light clothing and wear layers, so you can remove some depending on the temperature and air conditioning of the plane.

#5. Drink Lots Of Water

As flying can really dry out your body and skin and you are likely to be grumpier and more stressed when you are dehydrated or thirsty. Drink as much water as you can in the 24 hours before your flight to ensure your fluids are topped up and then drink often during your flight.

#6. Plan Out Your Route At The Other Side

Be sure to know exactly how you will get to your destination when you land and if your finances don’t allow for a taxi, book a transfer of some sort or plan the route you need to take using public transport and make sure you understand the system.

#7. Print Off Your Hotel Details

As well as ensuring you have them close to hand, printing a physical copy of the of the hotel details will also help if you have to fill out any forms, such as visa or visa-waiver forms.

#8. Allow Yourself Plenty Of Time At The Airport

Although no-one really wants to stay much longer in an airport than they have to, having an extra couple of hours or even just one in the departure lounge before you flight is far less stressful than rushing at last minute to get through the gate and onto the plane. You could even plan to have a bite to eat at the airport before your flight takes off, which will help you to feel more relaxed and ready for your flight.

#9. Charge All Your Devices Fully

Always ensure your electronic devices such as smartphones, portable games consoles and tablets are fully charged before you leave. It’s also wise to pack a portable charger and then you can charge them while you are travelling, if you need to.

#10. Take Some Foreign Currency With You

You may be planning to withdraw some foreign currency when you land and arrive using your credit card. Even if you are intending on doing this you should also take some foreign cash with you. Even if it is just a small amount, to cover the trip to a cash point or if any emergencies occur.

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