Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island, Maldives (Must See Blue Lights)

Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island

The Maldives Islands are an adventurous treat and the go-to place for those who wish to be in the midst of almighty’s beautiful work. However, the Vaadhoo Island in Maldives has its own little secrets which are showcased at night known as the sea of stars. With every sunset, the waters are illuminated by a shimmering sight. The sea lights up, spread of brilliant neon blue which seems like it reflects the starlit sky.

Vaadhoo Island due to its immense natural beauty is a well-known group of islands and is aptly considered to be heaven on Earth. The beautiful group of islands attracts tourists from around the globe. The beach on the Vaadhoo Island is also famous for a rare natural phenomenon – glowing tides that rinse the shore at night.

Sea of stars beach

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A natural chemical reaction known as bio-luminescence causes this phenomenon. Bioluminescence happens when oxygen gas disturbs a microorganism in the water.


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The most common phytoplankton that causes marine bio-luminescence are the dinoflagellates. As they float, their movement in the water around them sends electrical impulses around a compartment (proton filled) inside them. These pulses stimulate the voltage-sensitive proton ion pathways or channels into scintillons (which are the flashing unit inside the organisms).

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Proteins flow into the scintillon, as a result the pH in the organisms cell cytoplasm changes and creates a series of chemical reactions activating a protein called luciferase. The Luciferase together with luciferin gets combined in scintillons and the movement of oxygen and gas joins this combination, a neon blue light is emitted.

Moonlight at Vaadhoo Island

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The Vaadhoo Island is located on the equator in the Indian Ocean. This archipelago consists of a number of islets which are spread over an area of 900,000 square kilometres. They have rich diversity of flora and fauna present along with a beautiful collection of marine life.

The glowing sea waters is a spectacular scenery to watch which has never disappointed the tourists in Maldives. The glowing waters are the main reason why vaadhoo is one of the hottest tourist destination in the world. This glowing effect mostly visible at the culmination of the spring season and sometimes it gives of a milky sea effect in the Arabian Sea also. The bacteria that causes it is known as Vibrio Harveyi.

blue foot prints

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There are adventurous sports like kayaking, wind surfing and snorkeling among many others on the island. This phenomena is used in the “Life of Pi” movie by the director Ang Lee who got an Oscar Award for best visual effects.

The best time to see this natural phenomenon is not well defined but the most opportune time seems to be in between August and November.

Sea of Stars at night

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A long stroll in the beach is perfect with partners which makes for a romantic night. Most visitors are honeymoon couples as they seek specialty.


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There are perfect beach resorts available for tourists to stay and it is immensely pleasurable to feel the efficient brush strokes of the almighty and see the beautiful nature created. The visit to the Sea of Stars is never ever forgettable and forever cherishable.

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