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Wander Pigs Study Abroad Scholarship

Wander Pigs Study Abroad Travel ScholarshipTravelling and branching out beyond your local community is an enriching experience. Here at WanderPig we know from first-hand experience how rewarding it can be to study abroad and experience a new culture and environment.

Sadly, not everyone can afford to travel or to enrol into a study abroad program without financial struggle in making it happen. WanderPig doesn’t think that this is fair and so for those who are eager to explore the world but can’t due to financial constraints, we want to give you a helping hand.

We have created a Study Abroad Scholarship to give Students who need it, a cash boost towards their study abroad adventures.

This is our second time offering this type of Scholarship. We had a great response to our last one which ended in May 2017.  If there is a large response to this year’s award, we hope to open it up to more students per year by offering it twice a year or to more than one student. The responses to this year’s process has definitely proved to use there is a need for more help for students and aspiring travelers.

Scholarship Details:

The winner of the Wander Pig Scholarship will receive: $500 (£500 if UK based)

The Scholarship may be used for tuition, travel, books or room and board. The funds will be sent directly to the Winner’s university or study abroad program. If this isn’t possible other arrangements can be made.

Application Deadline: May 17th 2019

Results Announced/Emailed: 15th June 2019


• You must be a full time student or if home educated must have proof of a study abroad program application/acceptance.

• Have applied or been accepted into a study abroad program with your college/university.

Essay Requirement

As part of the application we require an essay on the subject of travel. This essay can be a “guide” to a place you have visited, travel tips or a general article on the benefits of travel. The best article will be published on our site. The minimum word count is 1000 words. You can include pictures but these must be your own/rights to use.

How to apply

To apply please read all instructions on this page carefully including eligibility. Just below you will find an application form to fill out. If you have trouble filling out the application form, you can alternatively send your application with the required information to: 


By submitting an application, the applicant automatically grants WanderPig.com, its agents and/or representatives permission to post the applicant’s name, school/university, photo (if submitted) and essay. They may be posted to the website, social media accounts or where we see fit. We would like to celebrate the best submissions and Winner of our Scholarship

And if you are looking for travel tips, travel gear or just general travel stuff, check out the rest of our website!

Past Winners

June 2018 Scholarship:

Award: $500

Winner: Eliza Mikunda

Eliza’s essay, that was written as part of her submission, can be found here.

Eliza goes to the University of Kentucky and is enrolled for 2 semesters (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) of study at Arcadia in Perugia, Italy.  This is where Eliza will use her scholarship money.

eliza mikunda winner

May 2017 Scholarship:

Award: $1000
Winner: Alicia Spadaro.

Alicia is from California and is enrolled for a semester of study in Florence, Italy in the Fall 2017. This is where Alicia will use her scholarship award.

alicia spodaro wanderpig scholarship