How To Pack Light - 7 Tips To Help You Pack For Multiple Climates

How To Pack Lightly For A Long Trip Through Multiple Climates

One of the most important things when trying to decide on comfortable clothing is being dressed appropriately for the weather and climate where you are travelling. However, what do you do if you are taking a long trip through multiple climates? This happens more often than you think. For instance if you are travelling to see the snow of Japan and then spending some time on a beach in Thailand, then there is a big difference in temperatures and climates between the two destinations on the same trip.

If you are struggling to pack for a trip like this, then the following post is just for you. Below we will look at some great tips to help plan ahead what you should consider packing to wear for different climates.

Make A List

You should always start any packing with a list. Rather than beginning by making a list of what you are going to take, make a list of the things you are going to do, as this will determine what you need to take. Be as thorough as possible and list as many of the activities you will be doing and the places you will be going, so you don’t miss out anything and pay dearly for it later when you are on your trip.

Choose Versatility

Choose items that are the most versatile when packing for this type of trip. Do you have clothes that can be used in various types of weather? A scarf that could double as a sarong and a felt hat you can use to ward the sun off as well as keeping your head warm in cold climates, are two great examples.. The more things you can pack that can be worn in a variety of ways, the less individual items you will actually have to take, freeing up space in your luggage.

Take The Layering Approach

Although you may be tempted to take your favourite sweater or other pieces of clothing that are generally worn alone, you should look to taking the layering approach. As you probably won’t be able to take items that are too heavy, you need to focus on taking items that can be worn in conjunction to form layers. Then when the weather changes rapidly and suddenly, you can either remove or add layers.

Give Thought To Your Base

When you are travelling to colder climates, having good warm base items is particularly important. This brings us back to the point above about layering. That way you can pack items such as thermals and nice wool tights without worrying about needing bulkier items or how they feel and you will also have a bit more room inside your luggage.

Cold Is More Important Than How

If part of your trip is in a destination a lot colder than the rest, it is crucial that you pack more items for the colder weather. And then devote the rest of your luggage space to lightweight items, particularly silks and cottons.

Pack The Right Type Of Shoes

The level of comfort your feet have in different climates depends on the type of shoes you pick to travel with. Start by choosing one pair of shoes that best match the extreme climates you are going to be travelling to, then add a couple of other pairs to wear in the places with less extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Buy As You Travel

Depending of course on whether you are travelling from cold to hot or vice versa, you also could buy pieces of clothing while en-route as a supplement to what you already have in your luggage. This perhaps works best in the warmer parts of your trip where you are not going to have to spend as much money on the type of pieces you need for warm climates as you are for those you need for colder climates.


Obviously it is our hope that this post is as helpful as it possibly can be to you. The big takeaway from this should be that planning is essential. Having limited space in luggage that you are going to have to navigate from hot to cold and possibly hot and cold again, depending on how long and how far your trip is, means you need to be clever about what you take.

By thinking and planning carefully, you will be able to enjoy your trip a lot more knowing you have the right clothing for each stage of it.

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