How To Get Paid To Travel The World (8 Ways)

How To Get Paid To Travel

Do you want to know how to get paid to travel?

Many of us dream of traveling to exotic places, seeing the world and escaping the humdrum daily life at home. However, the reality is that international travel is expensive with escalating flight and hotel room costs. But how about if you could get paid to travel the world? The good news is that you can; the bad news is that it can be hard and low-paid work.

Cruising to a New Life

Getting a job on a cruise ship is not particularly difficult, the cruise lines are always hiring, but you will need the right personality for it and experience of hotel work would definitely help. The work is hard with long hours and you have to keep that all-important smile on your face – at least within view of the customers! Your quarters will be cramped and you might have to share with a crew mate.

However, you do get to see the world, your expenses are met and you get paid. The crew usually have their own leisure and dining areas, shops and gyms, the standards of which vary from ship to ship. Of course, if you have a great talent for singing or dancing you can join the entertainment team which can be a lot more fun.

Flights of Fancy

Becoming a flight attendant with an airline is certainly a way to see lots of exciting places but the competition for vacancies is fierce. If you make the grade the pay is reasonably good for the hours you`ll work. But sometimes the layovers are just a few hours overnight during which you might not get the chance to see much of whatever city you’re in. The major benefit is that you’ll get free travel for yourself and your family.

A Guiding Light

Perhaps you want to stay in a place longer and get to know it better. Gaining in-depth knowledge of a particular city, attraction or even a whole region could enable you to become a tour guide. Working for a tour company guiding American tourists around some of the most famous sites in the world would give you a salary, but if you are freelance you may have to depend on your winning personality to encourage the tourists to part with their hard-earned bucks!

Mind Your Language

Do you have a flair for English? Teaching English to students as a second language is a very sought after profession, especially in Asia and the Middle East which are where you can find the most lucrative salaries. You don’t need teaching qualifications and you used to be able to gain these positions with just a high standard of English, but now you would require a minimum of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. Often these posts include accommodation.

Au Pair Aces

One of the best ways to get to know the culture of a country is from within a family there and, provided that you love to work with kids, working as an Au Pair gives you the chance to get an inside view of your location. Using a well-established agency with great reviews will give both you and the host family the confidence that they are well matched. You’ll have a better chance of getting the job of your choice with a recognized child care qualification. The salary can vary greatly but you will usually have room and board included.

Digital Nomads

If you have a job that is location independent, such as freelance writing, you can choose to be in anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection available. Many established travel writers and bloggers work in this way and get paid for their travel stories. Getting established is the hard part!

Sports Guru

Are you an ace at abseiling, the best at boarding or the king of kayaking? There are companies out there looking for instructors, activity leaders, guides, etc. for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. These can range from windsurfing, dinghy sailing and snorkeling to rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing. Getting qualifications in your chosen field, particularly something very specialized like scuba diving, will increase your opportunities and your potential salary.

Health and Lifestyle

Spa treatments, massage therapy, beauty treatments and personal training are big business these days and every top hotel, resort and cruise ship offers this kind of service. Being a qualified and experienced masseur or masseuse, beautician, hair stylist or personal trainer will give you the opportunity to work in pretty much any country of your choice or on a cruise ship.

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