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6 Tips On How To Take Better Travel Photos

Have you found that most people seem to take photographs of their holidays and travelling that look like carbon copies of postcards they could probably buy at a gift store or the airport before coming home? It’s understandable because they have tried to capture the most iconic images from their destinations, whether it’s Nelson’s Column, […]


How To Pack Like A Pro

If you are planning a trip in the coming months, you will undoubtedly be faced with the prospect of packing a suitcase or some other kind of luggage. Perhaps you are dreading it and if you are you should remember you are not alone. Most of us at one point have struggled with trying to […]


6 Best Travel Apps

There are so many apps out there that are very useful, and some that just clog up space and never get used after initial download and installation. In the following post we pick out the best travel apps we are sure you will actually use. Citymapper If you have been using Google Maps to get […]


Tips For Being Lost In The Wilderness

It can be very easy to get lost out in the wilderness and can happen a lot quicker than you might think. You are just enjoying a nice hike through some beautiful woods, when you suddenly realise you are off trail and not sure where you went wrong. Did you pass that tree stump twice? […]


10 Reasons To Travel Solo

Although it will possibly sound clichéd, sometimes the only travelling companion you need is yourself. Many are put off by the idea of travelling solo because they are afraid. Maybe that’s how you feel. Perhaps you had a bad experience travelling on your own many years ago. Whatever is causing your reluctance, it is time to reconsider. […]


Travel Tips & Advice for the Perfect Traveller

Preparation can make or break a trip. Whether you’re planning a long weekend at a local beachside spot or a months-long expedition to a remote part of the world, it’s worth being organized. Benefits can be financial, or practical, but generally speaking – and, arguably, most importantly – they are emotional. We travel for the […]