The Best Travel Gift for Every Traveller (Top 10 Travel Gifts & More)

Best Travel Gifts

There’s nothing in the world wrong with a passion for adventure. But buying the best travel gifts for the travel lovers in your life doesn’t always feel like a voyage of discovery. Wracking your brains for something new and different is certainly no holiday! But now your worries are over. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy our run down of the best gifts for committed vacationers.


Top 10 Travel Gifts

1. J-pillow Travel Pillow

jpillow travel

Travel is fun. Adventure is exciting. But no one can argue with the cold fact that sitting on an airplane can be, quite literally, a pain in the neck. Twisting and turning for hours on end during a long haul flight can leave even the most seasoned traveler grumpy and tired upon arrival. And who wants to start their vacation feeling like that? Flying to the rescue comes the innovative J-shaped Travel Pillow.

As its name suggests, it’s a departure from the traditional U-shaped design. The top of the ‘J’ acts as a pillow, while the bottom part helps support the neck, thereby cutting down on discomfort. Small and easy to transport, it can be attached to luggage with its snap loop fastener or squashed down to fit in a carry on. An inflatable version is also available. Frequent flyers will tell you that there is zero chance of disembarking a long haul flight fully rested, refreshed and free of neck pain. Gift wrap this for them and they may well change their minds.

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2. Personalized Journal

7felicity leather notebook

For the truly committed traveler there is no such thing as ‘the trip of a lifetime’ because they find every journey exciting. Documenting their adventures is half the fun, and a good journal is really important. So, this personalized notebook make an inspiring present for the travelers in your life.

Pocket sized, refillable and leather bound, it has a compass style placeholder, a brass clip to keep the pages down and a couple of plastic inserts for holding travel mementos. And, most importantly, it’s filled with good quality sheets of lined, blank and craft paper. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s useful. And, because you can have a name embossed on the front cover, it can also be unique and personal. It’s the kind of thoughtful gift that will be treasured forever.

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3. Universal World Travel Adapter and Converter

universal world travel adapter

Oh my, the glamour of international travel would feel way less stressful if it wasn’t for all those pesky voltage differences! Take a trip to Europe and you’ll need one mains adaptor for London, another for Paris and Berlin and a third for Rome! Packing one of these little adaptors come voltage convertors relieves the headache of charging your devices overseas.

Compact and lightweight, it can be used abroad to power small appliances from North America such as hairdryers, laptops and cellphones. It will work in the UK, the EU, Australia and many parts of Asia, Africa and South America. It’s an absolute essential for anyone who travels the world for work or pleasure.

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4. Knock Knock Pack This! Pad

knock knock pack this pad

Forget your toothbrush. Forget your sunglasses. Forget your medication. Forget your passport. Travel may broaden the mind but it also provides ample opportunity to become super flakey and start forgetting stuff. It’s a universal problem, so a bright spark in California has come up with a simple solution – a printed list of everything you could possibly need on vacation.

It’s divided into four sections – basics, clothing, hygiene and miscellaneous. Each of those sections is further divided into subsections, leaving little or no room for mishap when packing. You get sixty sheets on a pad so it should cover trips for many years to come. It’s the must have gift for any traveler, anywhere. And it’s cheap – so there’s nothing saying you can’t buy one for yourself too!

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5. Travel Humidifier Stick

dehumidifier stick

Trains, planes and automobiles. Hotels, motels and inns. No one could go on vacation without them, but boy all that air conditioning leaves your skin as dry as dust! That’s where a portable travel humidifier comes in.

Small enough to fit in a pocket, it sits in a glass or bottle of cold water and emits wafts of refreshingly cool mist throughout a long journey or hotel stay. It can be powered by a USB source such as a tablet or computer, so you never need to worry about plugging it in to sockets overseas.

It’s simple but clever and it blows away one of the niggling discomforts of twenty first century travel. What a great gift for frequent flyers or anyone who’s constantly on the move.

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6. Portable Laundry System

scrubba portable laundry system

Keeping your clothes fresh when you’re zipping around the globe is a challenge, especially when you’re hiking, camping or backpacking. Even when traveling in a little more comfort, hotel laundry rates can be expensive. Stepping up to the plate is this portable laundry system.

Operating on the same principle as an old fashioned washboard, it’s a large canvas bag fitted with hundreds of internal nodules. To use, simply add liquid detergent, three liters of water and your laundry. Then seal the bag and knock it about for five or six minutes. The nodules pummel the dirt out leaving you with clean clothes that just need to be rinsed and dried.

It weighs just 5 oz and can be folded down to pocket size. Small and light it may be but it punches well above its weight.

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7. USB Leather Tassel Key Chain Charging Cable

usb tassle charing cable

These days, we rarely leave home without a cellphone. But, with so much else to think about, everyone’s left charging cables behind at some point. And we all know just what a headache that can be when traveling. Fashionable and functional, this key chain charging cable is a game changer.

It attaches easily to a handbag, carry on or key ring. So it will always be with you and the nightmare of a being stuck with a cellphone that’s run out of juice will be gone forever. Unless of course you lose it; but we can’t help you there.

Featuring a macro USB, a micro USB, and a lightning cable, it compatible with Apple and Android phones as well as other micro USB devices such as a Kindle. Gift it to a friend. Gift it to a family member. Gift it to yourself. Whoever gets it will love it.

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8. High Tech Fanny Pack

pacsafe anti theft hip pack

This cutting edge fanny pack is a feat of miniature engineering that will keep valuables safe on secure. The bag and carry strap are both reinforced with hidden stainless steel wire mesh, making the whole thing slash proof. Dual release security buckles act as a deterrent to would-be thieves who won’t want to waste time undoing them.

To top it all, the pack features RFIDsafe Blocking Material. Just as impressive as it sounds, it’s built into one of the pockets and is designed to help prevent ID and credit cards being scanned and hacked. High tech, high security and highly desirable, this has got to be on the top of any travelers wish list.

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9. Collapsible Water Bottle

collapsible water bottle

Traveling is often a dehydrating experience, but carrying around those over-sized, over-priced bottles of water you get at the airport can feel like more trouble than it’s worth. So, taking along your own leak proof, collapsible bottle is a no brainer.

This durable 22-ounce model is BPA free and has no nasty plastic aftertaste. It can be used for hot or cold drinks and, best of all, you can just roll it up and stick it in your bag when you’re not using it. Available in translucent blue, pink or gray it manages to look good too and makes for an imaginative and useful travel gift.

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10. Travel First Aid Kit

travel first aid kit

OK, we know that a first aid kit hasn’t got a lot of ‘wow’ factor, but it’s an essential piece of kit for any traveler. So, while your adventure loving friends may not be blown away when they first tear off the gift-wrap, sometime, someplace they’ll be thanking their lucky stars they’ve got it on board.

Almost 300 items including bandages, gauze pads, antiseptics and pain medication are packed in to a convenient soft pack case. Scissors, tweezers, a one-time use thermometer, an emergency blanket and a guide to simple first aid are also supplied.

Basically it’s got everything anyone could possibly need for minor illnesses and accidents. It’s not cool, it’s not glamorous, but it’s oh so practical. And travelers love practical.

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Top Five Travel Gifts for Him

1. Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

braun m90 mobile shaver

You think vacation equals swimming pool, cocktails and romantic dinners for two. The man in your life thinks vacation means taking a break from shaving for two weeks. And this drives you crazy! The Braun M90 is your answer.

Slim, compact and weighing not much more than a couple of Hershey bars, it’s the ideal shaver for jet-setting guys. Designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable shave, the set also includes a precision trimmer for side burns and moustaches. And, because it’s powered by two AA batteries, there’s no need to stress out about packing mains adaptors for foreign trips.

Give him this and you give him the gift of easy, cord free shaving anywhere in the world. It’s kinda hard to argue with that.

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2. Leatherman

leatherman wingman multi tool

The Leatherman is the ultimate gift for men who love adventure. Made in Portland, Oregon from high-grade stainless steel, this is a true American classic. It’s got no fewer than 14 awesome tools including a knife, scissors, can opener, wire stripper, two types of pliers and three different screwdrivers.

To say it’s multi-functional is a serious understatement. Weighing in at only 7oz, it’s the perfect present for enthusiastic travelers, keen campers and dedicated hikers. In fact, if you like the great outdoors, it’s pretty much certain you’ll love the Leatherman.

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3. ExOfficio Men’s Storm Logic Jacket

exofficio mens storm logic jacket

This is a puffa jacket with a difference. No, make that a bunch of differences. First off, it’s coated in a durable water repellant substance that’ll keep you dry no matter what weather throws at you. Secondly, it’s stuffed with a high tech material called Primaloft.

Designed in the 1980s for the US military, it keeps the wearer warm even when it’s wet. Thirdly, and this is the kicker, the whole coat transforms into a travel pillow. How cool is that!

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4. Distressed Leather Bag

distressed leather messenger bagHand stitched in India, these stylish leather bags are to die for. Tough yet attractive, they ooze cool masculinity in a way your average backpack never could. Each bag is made from 100% goat leather, which is soft and light, but tougher than cowhide.

Simply designed and beautifully finished, each one has roomy compartments and pockets as well as robust buckle fastenings and a fully adjustable shoulder strap. These bags are handsome, rugged and supremely practical – just like the travel hungry man in your life….

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5. Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine


This is an awesome gift for travelers and outdoorsy types whose thirst for adventure is matched by their thirst for a good coffee. With this gadget you can brew the perfect espresso, cappuccino, americano or latte on the go. Manufactured to an eco friendly design, it operates without batteries or mains electricity.

Simply pump it up to the required pressure, place your favorite E.S.E. pod in the filter and add boiling water. Compact and durable, it makes an amazingly good cup of coffee anytime, anyplace. No fuss. No mess. No hassle. No brainer.

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Top Five Travel Gifts for Her

1. Women’s Infinity Clutch Wrap Scarf

shouldit clutch scarf

Practical, multi-functional and oh so stylish – this scarf ticks all the boxes for the fashion conscious globetrotter. It features a handy concealed pocket that’s big enough to hold passport, tickets, cell phone and other small items. With valuables safely stowed in your scarf, you can say ‘sayonara’ to worrying about the precise location of your purse!

This nifty little accessory also cuts down on your cabin baggage and minimizes the risk of theft. It can be worn as a scarf, shoulder wrap or head wrap and even converts into a clutch bag. Gift wrap this for the lady in your life and within in a week she’ll wonder how she ever lived without it!

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2. Coffee Mug – Camera Lens Travel Thermos

coffee mug camera lens

Make that a coffee to go with this snappy Travel Thermos. It replicates a flashy Canon lens and, when the lid is on, will hold an 11oz serving of your favorite caffeinated drink. With a top-notch stainless steel interior and food grade plastic casing, it’s built to be tough and durable.

The makers also throw in a free spoon. But who cares about techy stuff and freebies! This cute coffee mug is just gorgeous. It’s a picture perfect gift – plain and simple.

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3. 100 Places Every Woman Should Go

100 places women should go

A gripping read for travel fans of all ages, this book is based on author Stephanie Elizondo Griest’s personal experiences of exploring the globe. It races through 100 incredible destinations and awesome activities including taking a mud bath in a volcano off the coast of South America, dancing with a voodoo priestess in Africa and hanging out with urban cowboys in Texas.

Inspirational yet practical, it offers tips on safe traveling for women and a list of useful contact details and further reading. The book also features wonderful pen portraits of history’s most celebrated female adventurers. Available in paperback or Kindle editions, it’s a sure fire page-turner for the dedicated traveler.

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4. Bienfait Multi-Vital Moisturizing Cream

bienfait moisterizing cream travel size

Traveling around the world is just about as exciting as it gets, but boy can it play havoc with a girl’s skin! Junk food at the airport, recycled air at thirty five thousand feet, too much alcohol, not enough sleep. It all adds up to skin that’s very, very dry. So, a good moisturizer is a lady traveler’s best friend.

We like this Bienfait Multi-Vital Moisturizing Cream. It feels amazing on the skin and comes in five handy 2.5oz travel pots that are ideal for sticking in a handbag. Space saving, face saving and just a little bit luxurious – it’s an all round winner.

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5. Jewelry Roll Bag

travel jewlry roll bag

Have you had trips marred by the horror of tangled necklaces or the inexplicable loss of a favorite earring? This snazzy roll bag may well be the answer to all the jewelry related travel traumas you and your partner have ever endured.

It has three roomy zippered pockets for necklaces and bracelets and three smaller compartments for rings and earrings. Compact enough to fit in most hotel safes but big enough to hold even the chunkiest pieces, it’s a neat solution for the female traveler who doesn’t want to abandon her sense of style on vacation.

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Top Five Quirky Gifts for Travelers

1. Anti bug socks

bigsaway anti bug socks

These anti bug socks feature insect shield technology, moving the wearer one step closer to a bite-free hike. The magic ingredient is Permethri, which is woven into the fabric of each sock. According to the manufacturer, once your feet are encased in this stuff, mosquitoes, ticks, midges and other nasty bugs will think twice before stopping by.

Hardwearing and breathable, the socks are also designed for comfort. Buy these for keen hikers and they’ll feel like they’re walking on air. Oh, and they’ll love you forever!

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2. Bagket


The Bagket is a bag and jacket all in one and it’s the gift for the budget conscious traveler. Passengers can avoid cabin baggage charges by simply loading their luggage into the Bagket and wearing in on board.

Designed to hold up to 22 lbs of gear, it also cuts out the hassle of hanging around the carousel waiting for your bag. It features no fewer than 22 pockets including ones specifically for your laptop, tablet, cell phone and passport.

Made from durable polyamide, it can be simply converted into a bag on touchdown. High fashion it ain’t, but tough, versatile and practical it most certainly is. What more could a traveler want?

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3. VW Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Toiletry Wash Bag

volkswagon wash bag

What self-respecting globetrotter could settle for an ordinary wash bag once they’ve clapped eyes on this baby? It replicates the 1965 VW T1 Camper Van and we think it’s just about the cutest travel accessory we’ve seen this year.

It’s cool, it’s retro and it performs the all-important function of holding your toiletries. And, to top it all, you get to choose from blue, red, pink or orange models! What’s not to like? In fact, the Camper Van Wash Bag is so irresistible you just might want to keep it for yourself.

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4. Friday Afternoon Speaker

friday afternoon speaker

Travel accessories don’t come much quirkier than the Friday Afternoon Speaker. It’s a dinky Bluetooth speaker complete with an integrated bottle opener that also doubles up a stand for your smartphone.

Small but robust, the speaker can play music for up to four hours on a single charge and has a range of around 30 feet. A portable party that fits in your pocket, it’s a travelers dream!

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5. Carry on Cocktail Kit

carry on cocktail kit

This is one for holidaymakers who like a tipple or two when they take to the skies. Once the stylish little kit is safely stowed, they can certainly indulge in a little mile high mixology. Each kit makes two drinks and includes a recipe card, bar spoon, jigger and small bottle of syrup. Just order the alcohol from the in flight service and hey presto it’s cocktail o’clock.

It comes in five popular flavors including Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic, Champagne Cocktail and Bloody Mary. And it’s FDA and TSA approved so it’s safe to take on board. This quirky kit is a no brainer for travelers whose thirst for adventure kicks in right after take off.

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Top Five Gifts for the Tech Savvy Traveler

1. LaCie Rugged Key Flash Drive

lacie rugged key flash drive

The techies amongst us love their data and keeping it safe on vacation is mega important. But you don’t need a PhD in Computer Science to appreciate just how cool this nifty Lacie flash drive is. Available in 16, 32 & 64 GB versions, it’s a tough little piece of hardware, built to cope with a life of adventure.

For starters, a hardwearing rubber casing protects it from falls in excess of 300 feet! It’s also been designed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as damage from dust and water. AES 256-bit encryption ensures data security and a USB 3.0 interface provides transfer speeds of up 150MB/s.

Whether you use it to back our your holiday photos or store documents on a business trip, it’s indispensible for anyone on the move.

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2. TECHO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

universal professional lens kit

Taking pictures is one of the best things about going on vacation, but you can’t always depend on your cell phone to take the kind of quality photos you want. That’s where this clever 2-in-1 clip-on HD lens set comes in.

With its universal clamp you can attach the kit’s wide angle or macro lenses to almost all mobile devices including cellphones and tablets. The 0.45X HD wide-angle lens broadens the range of vision of your phone’s camera, allowing you to take in the sweeping vistas of the Grand Canyon. The 12.5X Macro lens is for extreme close ups – so you can also get amazing photos of the beautiful cactus flowers at your feet.

Made from premium quality glass, both are professional HD lenses designed to reduce reflections and flare. The whole kit weighs in at just 3.5 ounces so it won’t bust your baggage allowance, but boy will it make your holiday snaps sing.

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3. Bose Quietcontrol 30 Wireless, Noise Cancelling Headphones

bose quiet control wireless headphones

Travel headphones don’t come much more cutting edge than these. Noise cancelling is a must on a long journey when all you want to do is switch off from your surroundings for a while. With these headphones you get the added benefit of being able to control the level of noise cancellation. So, you can turn it down for airport or in-flight announcements and turn it back up again when you want to chill with your music.

Volume-optimized EQ delivers high quality audio no matter what the volume and the headphones also have Bluetooth and NFC pairing capabilities, so you can connect wirelessly to your devices. A dual microphone feature means you can also use them when making calls. They’re light. They’re comfortable. They’re high spec. And they’re a must have for any tech savvy traveler.

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4. Mophie Powerstation XL

mophie powerstation xl

How many times have you forgotten to charge your cell before you go to the airport? Has the flurry of packing ever distracted you from making sure that your tablet is good to go before you leave? Whether you’re a tech head or not, devices with flat batteries are a nightmare when you’re on the road. But, with the Mophie Powerstation XL mobile charger in your carry on, these hellish scenarios are banished for good.

It weighs just 11 ounces but golly does it pack a punch! With 12000mAh rechargeable power capacity, it’s capable of providing up to eight full battery charges for most smart phones. It’s got 500mAh, 1A, and 2.1A settings and is designed to deliver super fast charging. So it’ll get your device up and running again in no time.

Actually, scratch that – it’ll get your devices plural back on track, because with it you can charge two at once. This is one awesome travel accessory you won’t want to live without.

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5. GoPro HERO5

go pro hero5

GoPro is the go to brand for action cameras. Manufactured to withstand the rough and tumble of travelling and adrenaline sports, they deliver high quality video and photos no matter where you put them.

The HERO5 is the newest addition to the GoPro family. Capable of capturing incredible 4K video and 12MP photos, it’s operated with the touch of just one button and also responds to simple voice commands like ‘GoPro, take a photo’.

Amazing image stabilization, stunning stereo sound recording and GPS location tagging all come as standard. And, in true GoPro style, it’s waterproof to 33 feet without a protective casing. It’s just about the toughest, smartest, coolest camera on the block. And with it on board, reliving the adventure has never been easier.

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Top Five Stocking Filler Travel Gifts

1. Anywhere Travel Guide

anywhere travel guide

The Anywhere Travel Guide is a game designed to encourage tourists to explore their surroundings in a whole new way. And it’s so much fun! Seventy-five prompt cards offer unusual ideas of things to see and do. They can be anything from ‘Ask the next person you meet where his/her favorite street is’ to ‘Find the highest point in the city accessible on foot.’

One card even suggests buying a stranger a coffee! Simple yet effective, the game can be used in any city. It brings every destination – even your own hometown – to life. And when travelling light is a priority, Anywhere Travel Guide is also available on Kindle.

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2. Star Wars Luggage Tags

star wars luggage tags

In a galaxy far, far away some genius thought Star Wars Luggage Tags seemed like a good idea…
Well, they weren’t really on a remote planet, but they were 100% correct about the luggage tags! Cute but practical, they are pretty much guaranteed to make bags stand out on the carousel. And they’ll certainly lift the spirits of the weariest traveler, even if they’ve just touched down from a long haul red-eye.

Each set contains four 5” tags featuring Kylo Ren, BB-8, R2-D2 and a Stormtrooper. A fantastic little stocking filler for Star Wars fans, a bit of a giggle for everyone else, travel with these and the force will be with you. Always.

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3. Clip On Book Light

led clip on light reading

Avid readers with a penchant for travel will love you if they find this reading light tucked away in their Christmas stocking. Featuring a pair of LED lamps, it casts enough light to read by without disturbing others. It’s ideal for long plane, train or bus journeys as it can be easily clipped on to a tray table.

Weighing less than a can of soda, it comes with a travel bag and rechargeable lithium batteries, which can last up to twenty hours. All in all, it’s the perfect travelling companion for bookworms.

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4. Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush

sonic electric toothbrush

So, a toothbrush is not the most romantic gift you’ll ever give. It’s certainly not the most expensive. It’s not even the most imaginative. But, if there’s one thing we all know about our travel loving friends, it’s that they’re a practical bunch. They just can’t get enough of stuff that’s small, lightweight and useful.

This electric travel toothbrush is all three. And, with the aid of all kinds of optimized sonic technology, it gets teeth looking their pearly best at the push of a button. It even comes in an awesome array of different designs. A travel toothbrush can look this pretty. Who knew?

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5. Keyprop: Keychain Tripod

keychain tripod

This nifty little gadget is proof that the best solutions are often the simplest ones. It might look like a key and it will certainly fit on a key ring, but it’s not for opening locks. Instead it acts as a prop for your cellphone. Designed to fit snugly into your device’s Lightning Dock or headphone jack, it allows you to watch movies, read, chat or take selfies.

The Keyprop is rubberized so can hold your cell securely in position even on slippery surfaces. Not content with coming up with a neat solution to one of life’s little problems, the manufacturers seem determined to make the Keyprop appealing to absolutely everyone. So they’ve brought it out in not one, not two but seven different shades including black, pink and lime green! Cute, cheap, colorful and super useful, it’s the best travel accessory you never knew you needed.

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Top Five Travel Bags

1. Anti Theft Bag

anti theft backpack

When you’re out and about exploring a brand new destination, it’s impossible to enjoy the moment if you are constantly worrying about your stuff being safe. Using an anti-theft backpack like this one will take away those nagging anxieties, leaving you free to make the most of your vacation.

Simple but stylish, the bag is made from durable nylon that is light and slash proof. And hidden zippers cut down on the risk of the backpack being opened without you noticing. It can hold 13”, 14” and most 15.6” laptops and also features pockets for cellphone, keys, pens and other small items.

With all your precious belongings securely stowed, you can concentrate on worrying about really important things – like where to have dinner!

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2. Trunki

trunki ride on luggage

Trunki has revolutionized the market in luggage for little ones. Since the first wheeled case rolled off the production line in 2006, millions of parents around the globe have welcomed a Trunki into their family.

So what’s the big deal? For starters, these cases are tough, really tough. They can withstand pretty much anything a mini mischief-maker can throw at them.

Second, they provide a fun solution to an age-old problem – travel-weary kids! Junior can just hop on the case and be towed to the departure gate, airport restaurant or wherever! Can you imagine how much whining that cuts out of a person’s life?

Last of all, children love the bright colorful Trunki designs – and there are literally dozens to choose from. Buy one of these for the strung out parents of small kids and you’ll change their lives. Forever.

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3. Classy Laptop Bag

kenneth cole laptop bag
OK, so you could go for one of those black and grey polyester laptop bags that you’ve seen a million times in a million different places. Sure, it’ll carry a computer. Sure, it’ll stow away in an overhead locker. Sure, it’ll probably be pretty comfortable to carry. But will it look and feel as gorgeous as a leather one? Not a hope.

Made from Colombian cowhide, this bag comes in three different colors and will carry a 15” laptop, tablet and cellphone just the same as the polyester models. Unlike them, it looks absolutely awesome. Functional is fine, but for the style conscious traveler, functional and classy has got to be better.

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4. Three Piece Luggage Set

american tourister fieldbrook 2

In the USA we like to have choices when we shop – lots and lots and lots of choices. But even the most committed consumer will be a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of luggage sets out there! So, to make life easy, we’ve chosen a bestseller that’s tough, durable and good value for money.

It’s a three-piece set that includes 15”x10”x8” boarding bag, and 21” and 25” uprights. Available in eight color schemes, the cases are ultra lightweight and have sturdy zippers and reinforced corners.

Each bag has plenty of internal and external pockets and the carry on can be attached to the handle of the larger bags. You want a practical, no nonsense gift for your travel hungry friends? You just found it.

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5. Hi-Tech Backpack

osprey mens atmos 65 backpack
Hiking may well be the ultimate ‘back to nature’ activity, but it’s inspired designers and manufacturers to come up with a ton of hi-tech gear to make the whole experience that little bit more comfortable. And this backpack is a prime example.

It elevates the simple joy of walking through the countryside with a bag on your back to an engineering project of mammoth proportions. But, we’ve gotta admit, it’s well worth it because this bag is fantastic!

It’s got an Anti-Gravity suspension system – yep you heard me right – an Anti Gravity suspension system. What that means in practice is that the bag moulds to the contours of your back, making it super comfortable to carry. The hip belt is easily adjustable on the move. And, in keeping with its hi-tech feel, the backpack has a series of ‘compression straps’ designed to ease your burden.

The top lid can be expanded or removed to suit and there’s even a compartment for hiking poles. This backpack is a sure fire hit for travelers who believe that adventure and comfort should go hand in hand.

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Top Five Travel Themed Gifts

1. Scratch Off World Map

scratch off the world

Your globetrotting buddies will get a real kick out of this world map. It’s basically a sneaky way for the itchy footed to boast about their travels. All the countries of the world are coated in a thin metal layer.

The idea is that you scrape off this layer to reveal the countries you’ve visited. They will them stand out clearly in a variety of different colors. The more well traveled the owner, the brighter the map. At 34” x 22” it makes quite an impression and is guaranteed to be a conversation piece! It’s an inspired and inspiring gift for the wanderers of this world.

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2. Picnic Backpack

picnic backpack

This adorable Picnic Backpack is a cutesy little gift for anyone who likes to get out and about. Fully equipped with everything a couple of al fresco diners could possibly need, it’s great for road trips, camping, hiking or just a day out in the park.

Nestled in the easy-to-carry backpack, you’ll find melamine plates, silverware and napkins for two. It’s also got plastic wine glasses, a cheese board with cheese knife, a corkscrew and salt and pepper shakers.

There’s even a fleecy picnic blanket and an insulated wine holder. Just add food, drink, fresh air and a sense of adventure and you’ve got the perfect picnic.

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3. World Time Clock

seiko world time clock

Even the most ardent traveler has to spend some time at the office – if only to make money for their next trip! But, if you give them this striking desk clock, they’ll never lose their global perspective. Mixing clean and contemporary design with an old fashioned nautical feel, it’s both functional and beautiful.

The case is made from solid brass and, although it stands at just 5” tall, is surprisingly weighty. Twenty-four lines on the clock face mark time zones across the world. So, for instance, you can work out the time in Delhi from your home in Delaware, Des Moines or Detroit. Of course you can also do that online, but it’s not quite so romantic!

All travelers, whether they’re seasoned globetrotters or wannabe adventurers, will just adore this.

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4. Airplane bottle holder and corkscrew

airplane bottle holder

Unusual travel-themed gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good, others not so. This amusing airplane bottle holder and corkscrew is most definitely in the first category. Made from silver plated metal, it’s a dinky, cartoonish replica of a vintage aircraft and, for added novelty value, the propeller twists off to reveal a hidden corkscrew.

With one of these on the table, dinner party conversation is destined to take off. The bottle holder is just one piece in a quirky set of themed home ware called The Aviators Tavern Collection. Matching coasters, salt and pepper shakers, bottle stoppers and shot glasses are also available. Aviation fans will love it.

Travelers will love it. And, with so many other items in the collection, you’ll never be short on gift ideas for your adventurous friends.

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5. Vintage Travel Poster

vintage travel poster

The Golden Gate Bridge. The Eiffel Tower. The Grand Canyon. Just three of the iconic landmarks depicted in these art deco style vintage travel posters. Printed on high quality paper right here in the USA, they evoke nostalgia for a golden age of adventure. And the manufacturers claim that because they use fade resistant inks, the posters will shine bright for up to 75 years.

A stunning addition to any home or office, the art prints come in two sizes – a standard 9” x 12” and a larger 12” x 18”. Giclee prints of up to 36” x 54” make awesome statement pieces in bigger spaces. The images are also available on coasters, tote bags, aprons and cotton towels. Strikingly stylish and arrestingly beautiful, these artworks bring the romance of travel vividly to life.

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