Best Travel Bags For Every Traveler in 2017

Best Travel Bags

We’ve got the best travel bags for men, women, business travelers, busy moms, weekend getaways and flying by plane. Each has its own benefits and choosing the correct bag for you can mean the difference between packing in style and dragging round a heavy case you didn’t really need to bring. Here we will be taking a look at some of the top brands around and many styles of travel bag that cater for your specific type of travel.

Travelling is more often than not a fun event whether going by train, plane or car. We have the ability to travel many places in our modern world: school, work, business journeys, holidays, visiting family or simply getting away for the weekend with some friends. Travelling can be made more enjoyable if you have the kind of travel bag that suits your personal circumstances.

Top 10 Travel Bags

1. American Tourister iLite Max, 21’’ Spinner

american toursiter llite spinner extreme
A great bag from an even greater company, this iLite is a handy piece carry-on that will serve you well on your travels. It is created from polyester so sports an extremely lightweight yet sturdy design. It has four spinner wheels so there’s no excessive heaviness on your shoulders or arm. It has a push-button on the handle for easy locking, and they fit snugly into the body of the case.

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2. Tumi Vapor Lite

tumi vapor lite international carry on

A hard-shelled case for added durability, the Tumi Vapor Lite is tough and light in equal measures. Tumi is a top brand and only manufactures cases like this with the highest quality materials. This version is created with an alloy mixed with polycarbonate for strength. It can resist being bashed around the airport and it ideal for shorter trips with four wheels and enough space for many clothes.

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3. Quechua Trekking Bag

quechua trekking bag 70l

Quechua is usually a name associated with global trekking adventures in some of the toughest places on earth, but this trekking bag is equally useful for short trips through train stations and international airports. It is composed of breathable polyester blends and sports twos straps for easy carrying. It has a large space inside which can hold multiple items of bulky clothing, such as snow gear.

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4. Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion 28’’ Spinner

samosonite winfield2 luggage

A very smart and stylish case for long-haul travel, this Samsonite luggage is designed to be durable with a hard polycarbonate material used in the construction. It has a lock which is approved by the TSA, and is capable of hiding scratches and nicks gained during frequent use thanks to its metallic sheen. It can protect the contents well and is lined inside with pockets for easy organization.

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5. Delsey Helium Aero

delsey helium aero luggage

A smooth and sleek piece of travel luggage from a top name in travel, this Delsey Helium Aero is an ideal choice for travelling across the country. It has small dimensions at just 20’’ x 29’’, and is made from crack and bash resistant polycarbonate. The hard exterior shell is contrasted with a smooth nylon interior lining, and it has a set of spinner wheels to make sure you can move it effortlessly.

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6. Briggs & Riley Transcend Upright

briggs and riley transcend carry on

Functional and strong, this case is created by a great brand in travel and is part of the Transcend collection. It is made purely from nylon so it can be expanded to include a few extra items of clothing without stretching over the allocated carry-on dimensions. It is highly resistant to dirt and moisture, perfect for frequent use flying on short-haul trips around the country.

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7. Osprey Ozone

osprey ozone luggage
With a durable chassis and contemporary design, this Ozone case has an elongated single handle with a comfy grip. The case is made from a thin material which allows travelers to find exactly what the need quickly with the zip pockets on the top and rear for small items such as books and bottles. The case itself doesn’t weigh a great deal, so there’s no chance you’ll be over the limit even if you pack heavily.

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8. Kenox Canvas Duffel Bag

kenox oversized duffle bag

A large duffel carry-on with large zip pockets at either end, this Kenox travel bag is ideal for couples travelling together thanks to its huge interior. It sports a clean and fresh material that doesn’t stain easily and is capable of enduring a bash here and there without damaging the contents. It comes in four trendy colours and has strong handles for extra heavy loads.

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9. Everest Travel Gear

everest travel bag

A lightweight, strong and cost-effective option for short travels, this Everest travel bag is extra wide to hold all kinds of apparel- especially snow suits and boots. It is made from polyester and has side handles as well as a main carry handle so you can pick it up and go quickly when rushing for your plane or train. It is 15’’ x 14’’ and has multiple zippered compartments.

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10. High Sierra AT7

high sierra at7 luggage bag

A three-in-one travel bag that can be used as a duffel, an upright carry-on case or even as a backpack. There are multiple compartments on this model with enough space for a short to medium journey cross-country or even for a weekend away. It has both a traditional handle with grip like a carry-on and a shoulder strap like a duffel bag to get up and go whenever you need to. It boasts easy access to all compartments.

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Best Travel Bags For Men

Men always try to look for a simple and stylish bag without worrying too much about the excessive features they offer. If you’re looking for the perfect travelling luggage but don’t know which way to turn, simply check out our pre-selected travel bags that can give you the effortless journey you so long for.

1. Witzman Retro Travel Bag

witzman retro canva bag

This travel bag is a trendy item to sport if you’re travelling short distances by train or bus. It has a huge space inside which can hold laptops, clothes or paperwork without damaging them. There are many easy access pockets for things such as bottles of water and your phone. You can pick this up and carry it like a duffel bag or you can place the straps over your shoulder like a rucksack for cycling.

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2. Flowfold Conductor Duffle Bag

flowfold conductor duffle bag
Made exclusively in the US, this Flowfold travel bag is great for a weekend away with the guys. It is spacious inside with a whopping 40L capacity capable of holding a weekend’s worth of clothes, boots and any bulky accessories you require. It comes with a lifetime guarantee because the material is so tough that it is almost impossible to tear even with a blade. The zippers are fully waterproof to boot.

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3. Timbuk2 Navigator Bag

timbuk2 navigator duffel bag
Consisting of a main compartment and other smaller spacious pockets this travel bag is ideal for men who like to keep everything separate for ease of use. You can place your underwear and socks in one compartment, toiletries in another, and your main clothes in the large interior. It can be used as a duffel or slung over the shoulder for shorter distance by rail or plane.

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4. Vintage Leather Weekend Travel Bag

vintage duffle bag
For those men who love to travel in style, look no further than this genuine leather travel bag. It has two main areas where clothes can be stored for travelling, or it even doubles as a gym bag too. There is a small pocket at the front which is great for holding items you need to hand when travelling such as a passport, phone or wallet.

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Best Travel Bags For Women

Travelling is one thing, but travelling in style is quite another. We’ve picked some of the best bags around for women travelling short and long distances alike by plane or simply by car. Fashion trends come and go, but a decent travel bag can serve you well for years down the line.

1. Bluboon Women’s Travel Bag

blueboon weekender overnight bag
This travel bag is small and compact enough to fit in the overhead compartment of a flight, but it still retains heaps of space inside for a weekend change of clothes or other bulkier accessories. It is great quality with rivets and buckles cast in metal, plus real leather has been used on the handles for improved aesthetic value. This Bluboon bag can be carried with the two handles or simply slung comfortably over the shoulder.

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2. Bago Travel Duffel

bago travel duffel
With a large 53L capacity, this travel bag is ideal for travelling short distances to visit friends and relatives, or it can even be used for the gym. It has a style of fabric which prevents against any kind of tearing, so heels and sharp objects aren’t likely to penetrate the bag even when it’s undergoing rough treatment. Once at your destination it can be folded up small for easy storage.

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3. Chiceco Shoulder Travel Bag

chiceco spacious shoudler bag
With a choice of four colours, the Chiceco travel bag is your ideal companion for travelling. It has a lightweight yet strong composition which makes it perfect for throwing everything in orderly. It can fit laptops, notebooks, tablets, folders, large water bottles and much more. There are internal pockets with zips in addition to the main zipped compartment for added security.

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4. Zysun Travel Rucksack

ZYSUN Fashion Travel School Backpacks
Designed for easy use and daily mobility, this rucksack is bright and cheerful plus it has numerous pockets to store your belongings when travelling by car, coach or train. It is fully machine washable and is made from a durable nylon fabric. Clothes for one or two nights can be packed safely in this Zysun rucksack and there’s room to hold passports when flying short distances across the US.

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Best Travel Bags For Moms

Moms travelling with little ones know all too well the burden of having to juggle burping cloths, bottles and diapers all at once. Take a look at some of our all-in-one solutions for mothers with young children to help the day be more productive and do what you do best- care for your child.

1. Ecokaki Multi-functional Travel Bag

ecokaki 5 in 1 multi functional mummy travel bag
Smart, stylish and functional too, the Ecokaki travel bag for mothers is a great buy. The whole bag is constructed from a special antibacterial fabric that keeps the whole item clean and sanitized. It can hold everything you need to take out when travelling with a young family including a diaper pocket, bottle holder and there’s even a clip so you can carry the stroller along with you too.

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2. Mo+m 3-in-1 Travel Bag

mo+m 3 in 1 convertiable bag diaper
For mothers with babies this convertible travel bag is all you could ever ask for when out and about with your little one. It has tons of space to carry everything baby-related including diapers, wet wipes, bottles and toys. It is really spacious inside to carry all of your personal belongings too, plus it folds out to create a safe space to change your baby or let them sleep in peace.

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3. Baby Boom Baby Travel Bag

babyboom 12 piece travel and diaper set
This Baby Boom multi-set is the perfect companion for a mom with babies and toddlers in tow. It is large enough to store everything you need but is lightweight so it will never weigh you down. You can carry a whole week’s worth of diapers, spare outfits, blankets and burp cloths inside this spacious design. There’s a small laundry bag too where you can place dirty items until you get back home.

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Best Carry-On Travel Bags For Flying

Flying has gotten a lot more stressful in the past decades, so having an easy carry-on instead of a larger suitcase can prove vital for keeping your sanity in the airport. Here is our pick of bags that fit securely in an overhead plane locker and can be carried around the terminal with ease.

1. Cabin Max Metz Carry-On Bag

cabin max metz flight approved carry on
Available in around 40 different themes and colours, the Metz bag from established brand Cabin Max is a great alternative to a wheeled case which often prove problematic for single flying passengers. You don’t have to check-in this bag as its dimensions allow it to be placed securely in the overhead lockers. It can hold as much luggage as a regular case, but it’s completely waterproof and much lighter than a case.

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2. Kensington Anti-Theft SecureTrek

kensington securetrek 17 inch anti theft lockable carry on
One of the most secure travel bags for flying, this Kensington model has all the space you need for travelling for a weekend or week via plane. It is small enough to fit directly into the cabin hold, and it’s lightweight too for carrying around the airport- it can be pulled along by the handle or carried. The safety features on this travel bag include a TSA-accepted lock plus anti-theft zippers which are difficult to open- unless you know how.

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3. Tortuga Air Travel Backpack

tortuga ait travel bag
For many people travelling across the country wheeling a case along can be a bit of a hassle, especially through a busy terminal building. This backpack from Tortuga holds just as much as a regular case but with the added benefit that it can be slung onto your back leaving your hands free. It has front-opening zips, however it can be packaged just like a normal wheeled case.

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Best Weekend Travel Bags

Going away for the weekend with your friends or family is an enjoyable experience. Take a look at some of our specially selected travel bags that will help you to pack quicker and lighter, and be on your way to your weekend of fun in the blink of an eye.

1. Bluboon Weekender Duffel

blueboon travel bag
Blueboon is one of the most fashionable brands around in recent years, and this overnight duffel with stylish canvas and leather is no exception. There is ample room inside for a weekend’s worth of clothing, 52L, and it has an adjustable strap and handles. As a tote bag, it can be packed quickly and thrown onto a train or car boot without hassle.

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2. Sweetbriar Vintage Duffel

sweetbriar vintage duffle bag
Perfect for a weekend getaway with friends or family, this duffel bag has tons of storage for everything you need- there’s even a separate shoe compartment. The shoulder strap has been padded for extra comfort, or it can be carried equally as easily by the faux leather handles. There are interior zipper pockets to keep toiletries and other weekend essentials safe during travel too.

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3. Toupons Unisex Casual Weekendertoupons portable bag

A trendy and spacious bag designed for both men and women, this duffel is large enough to carry a weekend’s worth of luggage in addition to shoes and bulkier items of clothing. It can be carried as a simple tote or thrown over the shoulder with ease. It has been made with a canvas material which allows it to be stretched beyond normal dimensions when needed.

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Best Travel Bags For Business

Going away on business isn’t always the most pleasurable experience, but if you’ve got a trust business travel bag by your side it can make the journey a bit lighter. Take a look at some of our top picks for businessmen and women who are forever travelling across the country and internationally too.

1. Shacke’s Travel Bag with Shoe Pouch

shackes weekender bag
A smart and ingenious bag that any businessman should be proud to travel with, this Shacke’s travel bag is made from lightweight and tough nylon fabric. There are many compartments to place your clothes and travel accessories inside, plus there is a specially designed pouch on the side where you can slip your shoes in. A real grab and go bag for a last minute business trip.

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2. Dalix Travel Duffeldalix blank duffle bag

A multi-purpose large bag, the Dalix duffel is made from polyester and backed inside with vinyl for added strength. It has a main compartment which fits many jumpers, shirts and trousers, plus there are two zipped pockets on either side where you can store loafers or heels safely. This is perfect for short and sweet business trips, and could even double as a gym bag when not working away.

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3. Travel Select Garment Bag

business rolling bag
There’s nothing worse than turning up at a meeting after flying many hours with a creased shirt that looks more than unprofessional. This bag ensures that your trousers, shirt and suit remain in perfect condition whatever they have to endure when travelling. Each of the compartments is supported by a rigid panel to make wrinkled business wear a thing of the past.

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Best ‘One Bag’ Travel Bag

Sometimes all you want is just a bag where you can store everything without having to worry about whether everything will fit. These top three ‘one bag’ travel bags are designed to minimize hassle and let you enjoy your travelling experience.

1. Samsonite Boarding Bag

samsonite baording bag
For the traveler who likes to take just one bag crammed full of their belongings, this Samsonite has enough space for everything you need and fits in an overhead plane locker easily. It has softly lined side pockets to slip your smartphone or tablet inside and it also boasts a removable strap if you just want to make use of the handles. It can fit a large laptop computer inside as well as all of your travelling clothes.

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2. Gonex Foldable Travel Bag

gonex 60 l travel bag
This travel bag has the look and appearance of a regular duffel bag, however the RipStop and waterproof fabric make this something else entirely. You can stuff this bag quickly with your clothes and accessories and it is very light for travelling with, whether it be by train, plane or car. It is available in a range of colours and folds away small when staying in small hotel rooms with limited space.

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3. Zebella Travel Rucksack

zebella one strap backpack
A great rucksack for carrying simple daily use items such as laptops, books and tablets, this travel bag is great for throwing everything inside and forgetting about it. You can fit some basic items in the main section if you’re travelling to school, going camping, or even for more vigorous activities such as cycling and running. Check Price on Amazon

The Best Brands of Travel Bag

1. Tumitumi luxury travel gear

Tumi is a well-recognized brand that has been around for many years, building a solid foundation with international travelers looking for top-quality cases for travelling. Internet buyers almost always leave a positive review for this brand, and it is clear that a Tumi case isn’t money down the drain. The cost of a Tumi is more than some would like to spend on luggage, you can expect to be spending anything above $250, but you won’t regret it.


2. Samsonitesamsonite logo

This is undoubtedly one of the best brands around when it comes to travel luggage. Samsonite caters for travelers who have a moderate budget and are looking for quality items under $100. There are also carry-on cases and larger suitcases which run into the hundreds of dollars range for those travelers looking to splash out a bit more on their luggage, maybe because they’re a frequent traveler.

3. TravelProtravelpro logo

The TravelPro company is now over twenty years old, so you can be sure there is a wealth of experience in creating suitcases for the modern traveler. Every item manufactured is sturdy and durable, whether it’s a large suitcase or just one of their many quality travel accessories. Their cases are well-built and constructed from top materials that don’t wear out quickly- you can travel the world like a real pro with this brand.

4. American Touristeramerican tourister

The designs they use are completely unique and well-thought out, as are the high-quality materials used in the construction of both their soft and hard cases. Whatever your travel needs, a small weekend bag or a large case, you can be sure that there’s a cost-effective American Tourister bag out there for you. This brand receives great reviews all round, and people retain their luggage for years on end, with lots of frequent use, before needing to replace.


5. Eagle Creekeagle creek logo

Founded in 1975, Eagle Creek is an American company that has been a forerunner in providing durable luggage at affordable prices for many years. Their ranges stretch from small travel bags and accessories to larger sets of luggage for family travel. If you buy an Eagle Creek travel bag you won’t be disappointed by materials used as they’re designed for endurance and frequent use


6. Delseydelsey travel bag logo

Delsey, AKA Delsey Paris, is a contemporary and fashionable brand that focuses on pattern and style in addition to great function and design. This company does produce soft-sided travel bags, but they’re best known for ranges of cool, hip, hard-shelled cases designed for long distance travel. Their business is also slowly shifting to eco-friendly models of luggage design which adds an extra element of wonder and awe to their cute and quirky cases.

7. Briggs & Rileybriggs riley travelware

An American business operating from the Big Apple since the early 90s, Briggs & Riley is a fairly new company specializing in quality travel gear. They love to play around with style and design features which put them ahead of their competition in many respects. Their outside handle is just one example of this ingenuity which has won them the respect of millions of travelers worldwide.


A Handy Travel Bag Buying Guide

Buying a quality travel bag can be a big decision. Do you buy soft-side or hard-side? Wheeled or not wheeled? Duffel or tote? Rucksack or carry-on case? These questions matter because it all depends on how and where you plan to travel. You won’t be buying a rucksack for long-haul trips across the country, and you won’t need a carry-on for shorter weekend trips with your friends.

How often will you use it?

You first need to assess the usage and longevity you’re going to get out of your travel bag. If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, it’s well worth splashing out a little on a decent brand that is going to prove durable on all the plane and train journeys as it gets bashed around. If you only travel once or twice a year, then you just need a smaller case or duffel to carry all your belongings. Long distance travel requires something more than a simple travel bag, and you might even consider buying a set of luggage for the family.

Soft or Hard?

Soft cases are lightweight and are constructed from materials such as nylon or polyester. Cheap cases will have a thin fabric which is not waterproof, but more expensively woven pieces have a greater water resistance. For short travels soft sides are great as they can take a bashing, but for longer flights they might not fare as well as a hard-shelled case.

Hard cases have a rigid structure and can’t be crammed into a luggage hold as easily as a soft side. Hard cases however prove extremely durable and can take knocks and dents much better than a flimsy soft side across long distances. Nobody is going to be able to easily access your secured case if it has a hard side and padlocks.

Styles of Travel Bag

Cabin- a cabin bag is one designed with specific dimensions to fit in the overhead locker of a plane. It is also called a carry-on because you don’t need to check it into the hold of a plane and wait until it comes off the carousel- it stays with you from start to finish. Cabin bags can be hard or soft sided, but more often than not they are soft so that you can fit in all your clothes as it expands a little thanks to the fabric.

Holdalls/Duffels- Duffels are a great alternative bag to have with you for short plane journeys or weekends away with friends. They can be packed easily and often have shoulder straps to make carrying them a breeze. Duffels are large and spacious on the inside and can even serve as multi-purpose gym bags when you’re not travelling.

Totes- Totes are designed for the get-up-and-go lifestyle of traveler. They can be packed quickly and effortlessly then simply thrown in the back of a car or train whilst journeying to your destination. Totes are often quite cheap to buy but they don’t last for a long time.

Rucksacks- A rucksack is a bag that leaves your hands free to do other things, such as use your smartphone or hold a child’s hand, thanks to the double shoulder straps. You can load up your rucksack with clothes, books and laptops for short journeys by bicycle or when going camping. Travelling long distances with a rucksack isn’t a great idea, unless you buy one specifically designed with a large carry-on size capacity.

Whichever travel bag you decide to go with, think ahead to the places you’re going to be travelling to and what purpose you want the bag to serve. Remember that the price isn’t always an indicator of how good a product is, and don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a bag just because of the good brand name- some cheaper travel bags can do the same job at a quarter of the cost. Always make sure that you can keep your belongings safe during travel, and don’t be swayed with bags which have fancy technological features but won’t actually serve your travelling needs as well as they ought to.

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