Best Places To Travel Alone - Revealed By 50 Travel Veterans

The Best Places To Travel Alone (As Voted By 50 Travel Veterans)

Thinking about travelling alone but don’t know where to go?

Traveling by yourself may sound scary but it is a humbling learning experience, and one lesson everyone should take.

Do a quick Google search of the best places to travel alone and you will find hundreds of destinations to choose from.

With so much choice it can be hard to decide exactly where to gmatto.

This is why we have asked 50 travel experts this question:

“If you could only visit 3 places to travel alone, which 3 destinations would you choose?”

These experts are all well experienced veterans and have traveled most of the globe, they have seen places most of us could only dream of.

So without any further ado, here are the top 10 places to travel solo as voted by the experts.

#1 – Thailand & Italy (8 votes)
#2 – New Zealand (7 votes)
#3 – USA & Iceland (6 votes)
#4 – Philippines, Japan, England, Canada & Antarctica (5 votes)
#5 – Spain, France, Australia & Indonesia (4 votes)
#6 – Galapagos Islands, China, South Africa, Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam & Malaysia (3 votes)
#7 – India , Israel, Chile, Bhutan, Argentina, Wales, Costa Rica, Turkey (2 votes)
#8 – Slovenia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Mozambique, Switzerland, Socotra, Prague, Germany, Denmark, St Lucia, Bahamas, Tanzania, Venezuela, Croatia, Norway, Greece, Bolivia, Cuba, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Malta, Hungary, Belarus, Colombia, Belgium, Morocco, Iran, Myanmar &Ecuador (1 vote)

Read on to discover why these experts choose these places and some of their travel tips!

Find Out Below What The Veterans Voted the Best Places To Travel Alone!

Matt Gibson (Xpatmatt)Matt-Gibson-xpattmatt

1) Maliau Basin, the Lost World of Borneo.

2) The Galapagos

3) West and Southwest China


Gerard de la Pena (Shoestring Adventurer)Gereard-De-La-Pena-shoestringadventurer

1) El Nido in Palawan, Philippines

2) Rome, Italy

3. Andalucia, Spain.


Norbert Figueroa (Globo Treks)Norbert-Figueroa-globotreks

1) Iceland: It has been by far the most beautiful country I’ve visited to date. Landscapes there can even be surreal sometimes with their mix of colors and dramatic settings.

2) New Zealand: Beyond being a gorgeous country, it offers a lot of outdoor activities for adrenaline junkies.

3) Thailand: In my opinion it has a well balanced mix of good food, interesting cultures, beautiful beaches, and welcoming locals.


Adam Groffman (Travels of Adam)Adam-Groffman-travelsofadam

1) India – I’d love to go on a meditation or yoga retreat and just find some silence & meditation

2) Tokyo – I’d love to recreate the Lost in Translation movie

3) London – There’s always enough to see and do there that I know I wouldn’t be bored


DJ Yabis (Dream Euro Trip) DJ-Yabis-dreameurotrip

If I’m traveling alone and could only visit 3 places I would totally visit

1)  Ponza Island in Italy for the ultimate la dolce vita island life

2)  Amsterdam for the city happenings and cute canals

3)  Israel for the food and interesting history.


Robert Schrader (Leave Your Daily Hell)Robert-Schrader-leaveyourdailyhell

1) Thailand

2) Japan

3) Israel


Jessica Festa (Jessie On A Journey)Jessica-Festa-jessieonajourney

1) Slovenia: Super underrated! The city center doesn’t allow cars so you can drink wine at waterfront cafes in peace. Plus, there are tons of adventurous day trips. There’s also the opportunity to stay with an herbalist family and visit the breathtaking Lake Bled.

2) Namibia: If you’re traveling to Africa for the first time Namibia is a great choice. Most people speak English and there’s a solid tourism infrastructure with everything from sandboarding in the world’s oldest desert to swimming at beautiful beaches to cultural village visits.

3) Guatemala: There’s an interesting budget-friendly health and wellness culture here. You can stay on an organic farm in a treehouse outside of Antigua — it’s called Earth Lodge — or head to Lake Atitlan for volcano hiking, parties, water sports and slow pace of life in a beautiful setting. From there you can easily bounce around the rest of Central America.


Lucy Dodsworth (On The Luce)Lucy-Dodsworth-ontheluce

1) Iceland

2) New Zealand

3) Canada


Jacob Fu (Local Adventurer)jacob-fu-localadventurer

1) Iceland

2) Galapagos Islands

3) Antartica


Kristin Addis (Be My Travel Muse)Kristin-Addis-bemytravelmuse

I usually travel alone and have found that my favorite places for solo travel are:

1) South Africa

2) Cambodia

3) Mozambique

They are all so beautiful and the people whom I met there all made a big impact.


Nora (The Professional Hobo)Nora-theprofessionalhobo

Hmm….what makes for a great solo travel destination? I guess it has to do with your personal style of travel and what you like to do. For me personally, nowhere is off-limits! But some criteria that would make an excellent place to travel to alone would be a thriving location independent community (to meet and work with like-minded people), and/or people I know who I can visit, and of course great weather is always a plus! With that criteria in mind, and looking at possible upcoming destinations for me, I would suggest:

1)  Thailand (with a great community of digital nomads)

2)  Switzerland (I have friends there and I love the countryside)

3) Hawaii (because…well, it’s Hawaii).


Amanda Williams (A Dangerous Business Travel Blog)amanda-williams-danderousbusinesstravelblog

1) New Zealand

2) UK (particular Scotland)

3) Iceland

I would choose those three because they are three of my favorite countries in the world, have beautiful landscapes and friendly people, and are extremely safe for solo travel.


Janice Waugh (Solo Traveler)Janice-Waugh-solotraveler

Such a challenging question. If I could only visit three places I would likely go to:

1) Southeast of the United States with all its fabulous National Parks

2) Chile from top to bottom

3) New York City.

And, naturally, I’d go solo.


JB & Renée (Willy For Food)


I’d go to:

1) Bhutan

2) Ushuaia

3) Socotra

I love nature and I’m introverted to begin with, so I think a solo trip to these three destinations would be awesome. They’re the type of places where you can enjoy nature and be alone with your thoughts.


I choose:

1) Prague

2) Barcelona

3) Tuscany

I won’t do any of the touristy stuff. I’m all for taking in the view with good food and wine!


Kach & Jonathan Howe (Two Monkeys Travel Group)kach-and-jonathan-howe-twomonkeystravelgroup

1) Patagonia de Chile

2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3) Berlin, Germany


Megan McDonough (Bohemian Trails)Megan-McDonough-bohemiantrails

1) Tintern Abbey, Wales: I went here on a study abroad weekend visit while living in London and although the structure is in complete ruins, it was the most peaceful place I’ve ever been so I’d like to go back.

2) India – as Eat, Pray Love as it sounds, I’d love to do a meditation in India for a few weeks. I’m active in the Art of Living community here in New York and the practices we learn are very much linked to Hinduism and India culture.

3) Costa Rica – My husband is Argentinian so I really want to improve my Spanish and thus far, off-and-on lessons in New York aren’t quite cutting it. I’d choose Costa Rica because I’ve never been but also because it’s one of the best places to take classes (or so I’ve heard)!


Marta (A Girl Who Travels)marta-agirlwhotravels

1) El Nido in Palawan

2) St Lucia in the Caribbean

3) Argentina


Marina K. Villatoro (Travel Experta)Marina-K-Villatoro-travelexperta

If I was to travel alone I would visit:

1) China. I know it’s a huge country, but all of it truly interests me. And with 2 young kids and a puppy, I don’t think it would be ideal to visit with the whole gang. But alone, it would give me easier way to get around and truly dive into the different regions, cities and overall life.

My second choice for visiting would be:

2) Rome. I’ve actually been there when I was 5 years old, almost 40 years ago, so remember very little, but have been wanting to return and live there even if it’s only for a month or so.

And one other place I would love to visit, and probably would be easier alone would be:

3) Malaysia. I know very little about this area and it totally fascinates me.


Aileen Adalid (I Am Aileen)Aileen-Adalid-iamaileen

1) Tokyo, Japan: this might be a dizzying metropolis with locals that mostly don’t speak an ounce of English, but all those things aside, it’s a really great place to get lost in given its unique culture, landmarks, activities and attractions that will leave me talking for days.

2)  Faroe Islands, Denmark: an off-the-beaten path destination in Europe, this is a place that I wouldn’t mind visiting again and alone. After all, its breathtaking natural beauty speaks volumes, which makes it a great opportunity for me to unwind and disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of my daily life.

3) Paris, France: it may be dubbed as the best city for couples, but it’s a great city for solo travelers too like me! Who knows, you or I can possibly find our next romance here! Still and the same, they do say that our first romance should be with ourselves, so this would be a great destination to start off with for that!


Christine Turner (The Frugal Travelers)Christine-Turner-thefrugaltravelers

1) Bahamas. I’ve been to Exuma, Freeport, and Nassau and love them all for the island’s natural beauty. When you travel alone, you tend to have a lot of time for quiet introspection, and nothing lends itself to mental healing time like sitting on a sugar white beach, staring at a crystal blue ocean that makes you feel like you’re inside a postcard.

2) London, England. So easy to get around by tube or by bus, such incredible history and amazing architecture, and the cultural variety means you’ll have lots of interesting new foods to try. Day trips to Stonehenge or Windsor Castle are a must, and of course no trip would be complete without snapping a pic of Big Ben.

3) Vancouver, Canada, where I live. It’s very safe plus and you have so many things to see & do! Hike the Grouse Grind (a fitness hike to the top of Grouse Mountain). Drive up to Whistler where you can mountain bike & zipline in the summer or ski & snowboard in winter. In Vancouver, you’ll find the best sushi, great shopping, and Stanley Park – North America’s largest natural rain forest (it’s bigger than New York’s Central Park).


Christy Woodrow (Ordinary Traveler)Christy-Woodrow-ordinarytraveler

I travel solo often and there are definitely some destinations that are easier for solo travelers than others.

1) Wales

2) Canada

3) Australia

These are three of the countries I always recommend to first-time solo travelers. These countries are extremely easy to navigate, people are friendly, and most of the locals speak English.


Josh Bender (Travel With Bender)josh-bender-travelwithbender

Since we travel with 2 young children we have to consider them in our travel plans. But if I could travel alone to any 3 spots in the world, they would be:

1) Climbing the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

2) Paradise Bay, Antarctica

3) Watch the Catatumbo Lightning above Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela


Hayley Simpson (Hayley On Holiday)Hayley-Simpson-hayleyonholiday

If I could travel anywhere in the world solo I’d probably choose:

1) New York City

2) Vancouver

3) London

I think big cities are great for solo female travellers as there are usually plenty of cheaper single accommodation options and plenty of activities to keep you busy. I also just really love Vancouver!


Johnny Jet (Johnny Jet)johhny-jet

I like people so I would go to places where I have friends, family and where it’s easy to meet people. My picks would be:

1) New York City

2) Sydney

3) London.


Will Hatton (The Broke Backpacker)Will-Hatton-thebrokebackpacker

I often am travelling alone and there are so many places I still want to see;

The Eagle’s Nest in Bhutan would be an obvious choice, I’ve wanted to go since I was a kid.

Right now, I am in Pakistan, I wanted to head up to K2 but I’ve just missed the trekking season so it shall have to wait till next year…

If I’m solo travelling and exploring new places, I truly want to have them to myself so I tend to go for countries with very few tourists; Papua New Guinea is high up on my list, it’s raw, untamed, adventure country!


Jade Johnston (Our Oyster)Jade-Johnston-ouroyster

1) Iceland

Iceland is my favourite country in Europe, and possibly my favourite country in the world. The natural beauty is astounding. It’s difficult to describe, but in Iceland there is no destination. The journey itself is what is rewarding. In Iceland you just road trip for being on the road. Where you end up doesn’t really matter. I visited Iceland in November and it was a winter paradise. For winter lovers, this is the time to come. Next time I would like to visit in the summer to take advantage of more hiking and camping opportunities.

2) Malaysia

Malaysia is my favourite country in Asia so far, and in particular, Malaysian Borneo. Malaysia is a very developed country but with a strong sense of it’s culture. It’s a place where you can have all the comforts of home, while still immersing yourself in Asian culture. Borneo in particular is special. The wildlife in Borneo is so unique and special, and its still relatively easy to spot strange and unique creatures in the wild. Malaysia is also getting better at conservation, and the more pressure there is from tourism to retain these wild places, the better chances they have of being preserved.

3) New Zealand

I guess New Zealand is kind of similar to Iceland, when you think of stunning natural beauty, rugged landscapes, and a hikers paradise. So I guess I am showing my bias. But being on opposite sides of the world I figure that makes it different enough to include here. New Zealand is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. The hiking opportunities here will blow your mind.


SJ Begonja (Chasing The Donkey)SJ-Begonja-chasingthedonkey

1) Croatia – no brainer, it’s where we chose to live as it’s got a bit of everything to keep us busy. Beaches, mountains, great food and of course wine!

2) Italy – What’s not to love about Italy? The food is top of our list – as is the history and the architecture.

3) Russia – This may not be everyones cup of tea – but with so many vodka choices, and a rich history with thousands of kilometres of places to explore we’d have to add it to our top 3.


Ryan Gargiulo (Pause The Moment)Ryan-Gargiulo-pausethemoment

1) Thailand

2) Mexico

3) Greece


Colleen Lanin (Travel Mamas)Colleen-Lanin-travelmamas

If I was traveling alone I would visit places with natural beauty and spas!

I would love to stay in a Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Shibu Onsen, a hot spring resort town in the mountains of Japan. Nearby is Wild Snow Monkey Park where Japanese macaques have been famously photographed bathing in the hot springs to keep warm during extreme cold.

Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico is also calling my name with its focus on the whole mind-body experience. They offer many alluring activities like yoga, meditation, pilates, cooking and writing seminars.

Iceland is a definite bucket list destination for me. I could spend days hiking through lava fields and relaxing in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa’s famous turquoise hot springs.


Petra Pearce (The Global Couple)petra-pearce-theglobalcouple

1) Antarctica (I’m a climate scientist and obsessed with landscapes, so go figure)

2) Vietnam (the food…)

3) Italy (food plus scenery/history).


Rob & Nat (Love and Road)rob-loveandroad


1) Siargao

2) Bali

3) Les Deux Alpes


1) Bali

2) Istanbul

3) Paris


Luke Marlin (Backstreet Nomad)Luke-Marlin-backstreetnomad

1) Norway because it is covered in fjords and just seems beautiful

2) Bolivia because it sounds like it’s the most visually and geographically diverse country in the world

3) Cuba because it is a time capsule to the 1950s that is now all of a sudden much easier to visit.


Steph Parker (Big World Small Pockets)steph-parker-bigworldsmallpockets

1) New Zealand – this country was the first destination I visited alone and I couldn’t recommend it enough for stunning scenery, friendly locals and awesome, safe hiking.

2) Costa Rica. I travelled solo through this gorgeous place in Central America back in 2011 and loved the amazing wildlife, scuba diving possibilities and fabulous Latin culture.

3) Spain. My favourite of all the European countries, it’s almost impossible to feel like a stranger in this fiesta and siesta land of fun!


Dave Anderson (Jones Around The World)Dave-Anderson-jonesaroundtheworld

1) Sri Lanka – This was the first country I travelled solo through, and I really do think it’s one of the best countries in the world to travel to right now. There’s so much to see throughout the country, and it’s just incredibly beautiful. At times travelling solo can be a bit difficult here, but once you get over to Arugam Bay — it’s the solo traveller’s dream. So many friendly backpackers, surfers, and vagabonds just enjoying the relaxed lifestlye in A-Bay.

2) Thailand – I honestly look at Thailand as “Solo Travel 101”. It’s one of the easiest countries to travel through, and you are constantly meeting fellow backpackers. There are plenty of amazing hostels that are perfect for solo travelers, and you’ll never have a problem making new friends. The food is amazing, it’s budget friendly, and there’s so much to do. Thailand is a no-brainer for solo travels.

3) Australia – I just recently finished a working holiday visa in Australia, and I can confidently say it’s one of the best countries for solo travel. It might be an expensive country to travel through, but there are tons of options to do it on a budget. You can couchsurf with locals, cook your own food at the hostels, and hitchike in between destinations. All of these are much easier to do when traveling alone. Australia is also a very popular country for backpackers, so you’ll never have a problem meeting people. Just buy yourself a goonbag, and check into a hostel. It’s easy as… 🙂


Savi (Bruised Passports)Savi-brusiedpassports

1) Ubud, Bali: One of my favourite places in the world. Not only does it have the nicest people and the tastiest food, it’s also quiet, peaceful, and safe for a solo traveller. I love renting a cottage in the middle of the padi fields and going for long walks in the lush green surroundings of Ubud. It’s my go-to place for de-stressing.

2) London, UK: This is the city we have called home for the past decade. London’s the perfect mix of history, action, and culture. It’s a perfect city for a long weekend and if one has more time to spend, there’s plenty of gorgeous places easily accessible from London.

3) Queenstown, NZ: New Zealand is the most beautiful country we have visited. From hot springs to pristine beaches, it has everything to offer to a traveller. Queenstown is a city where I’d love to go again since it offered so much – peace and tranquility when I needed to be alone, adventure when I was in the mood to do something crazy, and nature when I wanted to relax. I’d love to spend months in this beautiful city.


Mervz (Pinoy Adventurista)mervz-pinoyadventurista

1) El Nido, Palawan beacuse I haven’t been there.

2) Lake Sebu in South Cotabato for its rich culture.

3) Batanes because of its very lovely people.


Victoria Philpott (Vicky Flip Flop Travels)vickyflipfloptravels

I’d choose

1) Japan

2) Philippines

3) Vietnam


Jo Karnaghan (Frugal First Time Travel)jo-Karnaghan-frugalfirsttimetravel

For my three places to visit, I’m choosing:

1) Paris, Paris and Paris. Paris is my spiritual home. I love the streets. I love the architecture and the gardens. I speak French well and love chatting to Paris waiters and shopkeepers. Window shopping and exploring quiet backlanes are among my favorite things to do. After a day of hunting out my own special parts of the city to explore, I love sitting down to a dinner of foie gras, steak and frites, and a café gourmand. All washed down with a glass of beautiful red, bien sur! My family don’t share my Paris obsession, so when I go there, it’s mine, all mine…


Anthony (The Travel Tart)anthony-TheTravelTart

1) Antarctica – because that means I’d have a full suite of continents visited!

2) Turkmenistan – because a country that allows it’s president to name the month of January after himself sounds interesting!

3) North Korea – this place really intrigues me and I’m keen to see what it’s actually like.


Max Hartshorne (Go Nomad)max-harshorne-gonomad

I traveled alone to many places, it’s always a singularly interesting experience.

I visited Melbourne Australia and it was delightful, staying in the same hotel for seven nights is a rare treat. I got to settle in and enjoy things.

I visited Rotterdam in November by myself, it was great to go to the green cafe/store, and then walk around with a little buzz watching all the boats float by.

I took a train out to Kitzbuhel Austria from Vienna and the best thing was the train, and watching the wavy fields of grain and distant Alps. Then they brought me the food and in first class it’s really really good.

Traveling by yourself lets you get out into the world–and your best friends are bartenders.


Neil Barnes (Backpacks And Bunk Beds)Neil-Barnes-backpacksandbunkbeds

1) Canada – The mountains and the snowboarding opportunities put Canada top of my wishlist. Such a stunningly beautiful, tranquil and friendly looking part of the world. I also really want to try my hand at ice hockey, and tuck into some poutine.

2) USA (road trip) – A massive coast to coast road trip has been a dream of mine ever since reading America Unchained by Dave Gorman. I want to drive top down along route 65, chomp down on some scrumptious BBQ and then take in any number of crazy sporting events … and the tailgate parties that go with them perhaps.

3) Siberia (via the Transiberian Railway) – Trains and epic snowy landscapes, whats not to love?


Dariece Swift (Goats On The Road)Dariece-Swift-goatsontheroad

If I were travelling alone and could only visit 3 places, I would choose:

1) Malta. This little European country is located on the Mediterranean and has a wonderful mix of culture and people. Even though it’s Europe, travelling solo here is still affordable, the people are helpful and welcoming, and most importantly, it’s extremely safe.

2) Thailand. The Land of Smiles is a great place for solo travellers. There are so many other backpackers and flashpackers that you’re never truly “alone”. Finding a travel buddy is easy, there are many options for dorms (or cheap private rooms), and there are loads of activities to keep you busy. Plus, this has been a traveller’s hotspot for many years, meaning it’s pretty easy to get around.

3) Italy. Solo, with a group, or with a couple, I would always choose Italy! Booking trains is easy, there are loads of hostels, city transportation is really good, the tours are wonderful and the value for money is great. Oh, and then there’s the food…


Johnny Ward (One Step 4ward)Johnny-Ward-One-Step-4ward

1) Thailand. Admittedly, living in Thailand I’m a little biased, but Thailand is a great spot for people traveling alone. It’s easy, quite cheap, super beautiful and is perhaps the number 1 backpacking hub on the planet, so being ‘alone’ would only last for the first few hours, after that you’ll have a whole new group of friends!

2) Algeria. I’ve been 194 countries, and of all the places I’ve been, Algerian people were the friendliest, most welcoming that I’ve ever come across. It’s impossible to feel alone in Algeria, the people are just amazing.

3) Namibia. Stark, vast beauty. Deserts and dead forests, endless roads. There’s beauty and romance in traveling solo, and you’ll feel every ounce of it as you traverse Namibia, home to the oldest desert in the world.


Maria (Nerd Nomads)maria-nerdnomads

If I were to travel alone, which I hardly ever do because I don’t like to travel alone, I would choose:

1) Bali

I love this small island! It is cheap, with nice and friendly people, and has awesome beaches and surfing. A dream of mine is to attend a yoga and surf retreat, and take a yoga teaching course combined with surfing lessons. Sounds like the best combination!

2) New York

I looooooove shopping! New York has some of the best shopping in the world, with all the cool brands. At the same time it has the great Central Park, perfect for afternoon walks and runs.

3) Barcelona

Barcelona has the perfect combination of the big city`s amenities when it comes to restaurants, cinemas and shops, and at the same time a great beach right in the middle of the city.


John Pilkington (Continental Breakfast Travel)john-pilkington-continentalbreakfasttravel

The first thing that springs to mind is that I can’t drive, so that immediately puts any epic road trips off the table (sorry Iceland). And secondly, I’m not the biggest fan of solo travel so I’d want somewhere would be easy to chat to locals and busy myself in museums.

Based on this I’d pick:

Budapest first to hang out in painfully cool ruin pubs and visit the Memento Park which I studied at university.

Second would be the Trans-Siberian – no issues with the car and there would be compartments full of friendly Russians to keep me company.

And finally, I think I’d opt for Minsk simply because no-one I know wants to go with me…


Sarah Richard (Coffee With A Slice Of Life)Sarah-Richard-coffeewithasliceoflife

1)  Colombia.

2) Turkey.

3) Hong Kong.

My three favourite countries. In each any everyone of them there is so much passion, energy and of course, good food! I love travelling alone, and as long as you keep your wits about you, you shouldn’t be worried traveling as a female.


Ed Rex (Rexy Edventures)Ed-Rex-rexyedventures

If I was travelling alone and could only visit 3 places, they would be:

1) Ghent, Belgium – A beautifully untouristy place only 20 mins away from touristy Bruges, it’s the perfect place to unwind, relax while strolling along the gorgeous canals and try the Belgian Beers to your heart’s delight!

2) Wanaka, New Zealand – Situated next to a stunning lake, this fresh aired city brings about a taste of outdoors experience whilst hanging out with the extremely hilarious locals who happens to be beautiful too!

3) Hoi An, Vietnam – One of the guaranteed best places to visit in South East Asia. With a glittering beach full of local chefs that will definitely give you the best lemongrass chicken noodles, it’s also a place where there are no skyscrapers, allowing you to experience what Vietnam was like before. Also, you can make your very own clothes there as it has an abundance of tailors at cheap prices to whatever your fashion taste is. I think I need to go back anyway as my old suits from there are beginning to feel tight (from the muscles, of course!)


Jules (Don’t Forget To Move)jules-and-christine-dontforgettomove

Although we’ve been traveling as a couple for a long time, we still have fond memories of the times we traveled the world solo. Out of all the places we explored traveling alone, and some that we’ve been to as a couple, the three main countries that stand out are Mexico, Thailand and Italy. These three places are pretty distinct from each other, but all have unique attributes that make them amazing to explore when traveling solo… and the food is amazing too!

Mexico is a great choice because it’s so diverse and there are always travelers that you can connect with who are up for an adventure. From the beaches to the wild ruins, in Mexico you’ll find like-minded explorers that want to get out and see something outside their comfort zone.

Thailand is another great solo backpacker haven. There are so many people that travel the country each year that you’re bound to make friends along the way.

Lastly Italy, because there is literally so much stuff to see and do in this country (as well as food to eat) that’ll you’ll barely have time to realize you’re traveling alone. Of course you’ll still get the opportunity to meet people, but after a day walking around Rome in the heat, you’ll appreciate your alone time.


Mike & Anne (HoneyTrek)mikeanne-honeytrek

Here are our top 3 destinations for traveling solo:

1) Antarctica: First off, it’s just one of the most drop-dead gorgeous places on the planet so that’s reason enough, but as a solo traveler it’s ideal. Expedition ships are set up so there’s always something to do and interesting people to do it with. Fascinating lectures keep you occupied on the rough seas, ice treks captivate with cheeky penguin encounters and awe-inspiring scenery, and dinners are open seating with free flowing wine so everyone winds up chatting into the night. You’ll have a hundred new intrepid friends by the time you leave. Read more: Honeymoon Antarctica

2) Myanmar: We have never met friendlier people than in Myanmar (and with the incredible kindness around the world, that is saying something!)— kids and grandmas alike will blow you kisses as you pass by, strangers invite you for tea, and proud locals offer to show you around their town in exchange for nothing but your company and some friendly conversation. You’ll always feel welcome here. Read more: Myanmar Travel Tips

3) Baños, Ecuador: With volcanoes, Class IV rivers, and jungles this place is an adventurer’s paradise. The type of people it attracts are outdoorsy and outgoing, so no matter if you’re bike riding along the Waterfalls Route, soaking in the town hot tubs, or on a canyoneering the Pastaza River, you’re going to find a cool crowd of fun-loving people. Read more: Adventure Capital of Ecuador


João Leitão (Nomad Revelations)joao-leitao-nomad-revelations

My 3 places are:

Morocco – impossible to feel alone, you will for sure make friends among local people.

Iran – very hospitable nation, Iranians will for sure engage into a conversation and invite you for tea.

Galapagos – a place where the large amount of friendly and curious wildlife will make you forget about humans.

Are you ready to get out side of your comfort zone?

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone that contributed to this post.

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Top Places To Travel Alone
#1 – Thailand & Italy (8 votes)
#2 – New Zealand (7 votes)
#3 – USA & Iceland (6 votes)
#4 – Philippines, Japan, England, Canada & Antarctica (5 votes)
#5 – Spain, France, Australia & Indonesia (4 votes)
#6 – Galapagos Islands, China, South Africa, Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam & Malaysia (3 votes)
#7 – India , Israel, Chile, Bhutan, Argentina, Wales, Costa Rica, Turkey (2 votes)
#8 – Slovenia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Mozambique, Switzerland, Socotra, Prague, Germany, Denmark, St Lucia, Bahamas, Tanzania, Venezuela, Croatia, Norway, Greece, Bolivia, Cuba, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Malta, Hungary, Belarus, Colombia, Belgium, Morocco, Iran, Myanmar &Ecuador (1 vote)

Now it’s over to you, comment below and tell us what are your best places to travel alone!

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