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Best Adventure Travel Blogs 2017

bewst adventure travel blogsIf adventure is what you are after than look no further! As a traveler, I LOVE reading other people’s adventures. So here I have put together a list of the BEST of the BEST Adventure Travel Blogs.

There is a wonderful and fantastic array of adventure travel blogs online so this was a difficult list to put together.

Whether you’re a wannabe adventure traveler or currently on an adventure of your own – you will love these blogs!

Expert Vagabond

expert vagabond

Matt Karsten is the Expert Vagabond of this website, a professional traveller and photographer that has been circling the globe for almost a decade – and chronicling the experience on this website.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a destination that Matt has not visited, and thanks to his gift with a camera you’ll feel as though you are right there with him – this site is packed with beautiful, glossy HD snapshots to accompany the friendly, informal writing that describes his adventures.

This isn’t a site dedicated to humble bragging about a life you will never be able to experience, though; Matt also provides all kinds of articles that could inspire a potential traveller. Whether you’re looking for insight on what’s in his backpack, are seeking some travel tips or even just want to experience all the excitement of travel from your own home and Netflix account, he lists the 25 greatest travel-themed movies.

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Modern Hiker

modern hiker

Hiking has steadily grown in popularity over recent years, and it’s easier than ever to find a walking holiday that will combine exercise with good times.

Modern Hiker is a site that combines a blog on just about any hiking-related subject that you could imagine (among the most popular posts are suggestions on how to comment on recent Presidential policy on national monuments and suggestions for superior hikes in the city-dominated landscape of LA), reviews of the gear that may be required for hikers of all skill levels, and even an online shop that allows interested parties to pick up whatever they may need.

Perhaps best of all, however, Modern Hiker offers a Find a Hike service. Visitors can use the GPS service on their smartphones or computers, or enter a location that they are visiting, and be provided with a list of different hikes that furnish information on the length of the journey and difficulty of the walk.

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Grrrl Traveler

grrrl traveler

Christine Ka’aloa is a Vlogger, photographer, actor and artist from New York City that relocated to South Korea before returning to the USA. Thankfully for potential readers, the result of this is an alter ego as the Grrrl Traveler – author of this fascinating blog that’s packed with information.

As you can probably imagine, there is a leaning toward Asian travel experiences here, with an entire segment of the site dedicated to teaching in Korea and adapting to life in this Eastern nation. However, Christine has also spent prolonged periods in the Americas, Europe and Africa, chronicling each of these experiences, as well as providing general travel tips and advice on what novice travelers should be packing for their escapades.

Christine’s most recent adventure has been throughout India, so once again those unfamiliar with the culture of this nation will find plenty to love about insights into the etiquette of staying with a native family. This site truly has something for everybody.

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Adventure Journal

adventure journal

Adventure Journal began – and continues – life as an online magazine, which is now also available in print. The brainchild of Steve Casimiro, outdoor expert and the magazine godhead behind Bike magazine, Adventure Journal is a dense website that could take days to negotiate fully.

You’ll find everything you’d expect from a site that specializes in outdoor activity here, including reviews of gear such as boots and coats. One of the most fascinating segments of the site is Historical Badass, a look back at outdoor adventure trailblazers from the past, but you’ll also find suggestions of weekend cabin retreats that you could stay within, essays on a variety of different subjects (a personal favorite is the amusing Top Ten Get Out of Adventure Excuses), a camping guide, and a selection of videos relating to the adventure lifestyle.

Signing up for the Adventure Journal newsletter will bring a daily dose of the great outdoors into your home, but bookmarking this site is highly recommended for anybody interested in an action-packed lifestyle.

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Section Hiker

section hiker

Philip Werner is the outdoor enthusiast behind Section Hiker, a detailed site dedicated to all elements of backpacking and hiking in the modern world. While Philip is happy to interact with his readers and answer any questions surrounding these subjects directly, the chances are any and all information that could possibly be required will be found on the website itself.

You know the drill with a hiking site – you can expect reviews and recommendations on which gear you should be using, and a whole range of general tips that will prepare a beginner for their first excursion or have an experienced hiker wondering why they hadn’t thought of such suggestions first.

Philip also lists his favorite trails and hikes throughout the USA (and Scotland!), offering reports on his journeys. Each of these essays are accompanied by a raft of eye-catching photographs that make for a great read – check out this account of climbing Mt. Madison for an example.

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The Road Forks

the road forks

There is no shortage of food blogs on the internet, and a similar number of sites dedicated to travel. What happens when these worlds collide? The Road Forks is what, a delightful blog that is a must-bookmark for anybody interested in both food and footfall.

The Road Forks is penned by Akila and Patrick, who travel the world with their two canine companions and document the experience for our pleasure. The recipes from all around the globe are a huge selling point of this blog, guaranteed to satisfy any palate, but you’ll also find helpful pointers such as this post on Working as a Digital Nomad.

Akila and Patrick have traveled to all corners of the globe, with their destinations including Asia, Africa and Europe, and each and every stop has been documented with photographs, memories, recommendations of what to do if visiting with young people or pets, and much more. If you’re ever bit as passionate about expanding your belly as your mind through travel, this is the blog for you.

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Just One Way Ticket

just one way ticket

Sabrina, or Sab, is a German blogger that describes her blog Just One Way Ticket as a way of making travel a lifestyle. You’ll be more than prepared to join her in this endeavor thanks to the author’s unique, witty and playful style of prose.

Sab reviews just about anything pertaining to the world of travel, including suggestions of smartphone apps and general travel necessities, along with a list of what she considers to be travel essentials. You’ll also find an archive of video footage that allows you enjoy your tour guide’s adventures through her own eyes.

The stars of the show, however, are the many blog posts that encompass adventures from all over the world. This guide to the Turkish capital of Istanbul will give you an idea of the blend of information and entertainment that Just One Way Ticket provides in spades, alongside more vocational posts such as this guide to making travel blogging a career path that you too could consider.

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Peter Greenberg

peter greenberg

Peter Greenberg is a recognizable face to many Americans as the face of the television show Travel Detective and a shelf filled with Emmy awards. All of this suggests that, when Peter Greenberg talks about travel, he is well worth listening to.

Full episodes of the Travel Detectives show are available on this website, as are streams of various different radio shows and news clippings that feature Mr. Greenberg discussing his experiences. Using his experience and contacts within the travel industry, Peter profiles and advises upon airlines and airports, worldwide travel and accommodation dwellings, cruise ship vacations and much more.

The really interesting stuff tends to fall under Peter’s travel tips, however, which discuss and debate topics often not found in the blogosphere. Articles such as the art of tipping serving staff throughout the world, the finest rest stops for your next cross-country drive or how to find a cost-effective flight will delight any traveler.

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Trip Hackr


Clint Johnston is the Triphackr in question here, a Boston native that jets around the world finding ways of making travel more interesting without obliterating a budget. Hacking has become a go-to term for internet users to discuss making improvements to their daily lives, and there are dozens of unique suggestions that you’ll find on this blog.

Clint has put plenty of work into discussing and reviewing the finest gear available, as well as making suggestions for ideal resources such as insurance and budget-friendly airfares – allow Triphackr to do the hard work so you don’t have to. The many travel blog posts that cover Clint’s adventures are never less than interesting, but perhaps the most fascinating of all is this sports nut’s quest to visit every soccer stadium in the UK, which offers something a little different to the rest of the travel blogs out there.

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The Longest Way Home

longest way home

The longest way home chronicles the adventures of Dave, a man with a troubled childhood that has spent his adult years traversing the globe looking for somewhere to hang his hat. Taking in a vast number of different territories across Europe and Asia, almost exclusively utilizing overland travel methods, there’s plenty to get stuck into on this blog.

Spending his entire life on the road means that Dave has more travel tips than almost anybody else could possibly offer, as well as detailed descriptions of his trips – such as this essay on his recent trip to Kathmandu. If you’re looking for some inspiration to start your own travel adventure, you’ll also find that here.

Dave has been traveling for over twelve years now, with no sign of slowing down. Why don’t you check in on his adventures – or sign up for the Longest Way Home newsletter – and keep up to date on his movements?

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Fox Nomad

fox nomad

Anil Polat is a self-described blogger and computer security engineer on a journey to investigate and visit every country in the world. FoXnoMad is the blog he uses to chronicle this adventure, and seven years into the quest Anil has already taken in dozens of destinations from all corners of the globe.

Given the author’s vocation it’s probably no surprise that there’s a slightly more tech-savvy feel to this particular blog – start with recommendations of the gear that Anil uses. Regular travelers owe it to themselves to install the WiFox app designed by this blogger, which is a devilishly simple but oh-so-useful addition to your phone that ensures you will never be without Wi-Fi at an airport again.

You’ll also find global tech sales for anybody that loves a bargain no matter what time zone they are operating from, and of course a blog that essays Anil’s travel adventures. His post surrounding Star Trek conventions, in particular, will appeal of those who intend to travel far and wide!

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Off The Path

off the path

If you’re ready to live a more extreme life, then Off the Path is the blog for you. Staffed by a number of adrenaline-hunting thrillseekers, this is a site that thrives on introducing its readers to some of the most exciting adventures that anybody could dream of experiencing.

With articles covering all five continents, anybody is sure to find something studying on Off the Path. The site links out to a number of resources that will make any travelers life easier in their search of accommodation and transport, ensuring that you can save up all that adrenaline for adventure in the locations discussed.

Despite this thirst for thrills, however, the Off the Path team are far from irresponsible. Throughout the pages of this blog you’ll find tips on saving money while traveling and some inspirational blog posts to help you plan your journey. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be ready to book yourself in for a bungee jump in Scotland in no time at all.

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Divergent Travelers

divergent travelers

Lina and David are the Divergent Travelers, a married couple that went backpacking for their honeymoon and found themselves absorbed in adventure travel for a living. If anybody is contemplating embarking on a similar lifestyle with his or her significant other, this site is a must-bookmark!

There is a definite focus on adventure with this blog, right down to the fact that Lina and David recommend their top 100 escapades – if you’re hoping for a guide for the best beaches on which to sip a Pina Colada, this corner of the web is not for you. That said, there is no shortage of breathtaking HD photography of such settings – and more.

Instead, strap yourself in and read all about this couple hiking in Alaska, spending time with native tribes in Ethiopia, surfing in the Caribbean and flying helicopters around Hawaii – although if that all just sounds too exhausting, you can also pick up tips such as how to do your laundry while traveling.

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Don’t Stop Living

dont stop living

Jonny Blair hails from Northern Ireland according to his passport but at this stage it’s probably safe to call him a citizen of the world; Jonny visited over 150 different countries in ten years. While he has now concluded his adventures for personal reasons, the site remains active and provides an expansive archive of his former globetrotting.

Obscure destinations were something of a Don’t Stop Living specialty, and this is possibly the only travel blog where you’ll find detailed descriptions of adventures in locations as diverse as Parnu, Laurent du Maroni and the darkest corners of the world.

Don’t Stop Living paints a picture of backpacking as it really is, warts and all, so don’t expect some of the gloss that you may find on other travel blogs. However, the articles on how to work while traveling and money saving tips are all part of the universal experience. Don’t Stop Living may no longer be active, but it does not deserve to be forgotten.

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Bren On The Road

bren on the road

Bren on the Road is the internet home of Brendan, a former accountant that decided to take a year out to travel which has now stretched to six years and counting. Fortunately Bren has been documenting this entire process, and he is hugely proficient – this one of the most stuffed travel blogs on the web, and you can even download a free eBook.

Whatever you’re looking for in a travel blog, you’ll find it here. General hints and tips for the aspiring traveler? Of course you’ll find them here. Looking for suggestions about how to enhance your income, regardless of where you may be in the world? Bren has you covered. How about some self-improvement advice to ensure that you truly maximize your travel experience? You’ll find that on the site.

Then, of course, there are the stories of Bren’s travels. Rather than simple reporting on where Bren went, what he ate and who he met, this gifted orator spins tales of his travels that are a pleasure to read. Some of them are amusing, and others – like Big Trouble in Little Krakow – are cautionary. All of them, however, are fantastic reading.

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Monkeys and Mountains

monkeys and adventures

Laurel Robbins loves monkeys (she’s a primatologist) and mountains (she grew up close to the Canadian Rockies, though she is now based in Munich). Combine these passions and what do you have? A travel blog that inspires readers to investigate all kinds of outdoor adventures.

Laurel’s blog recommends a great deal of different action-packed holidays with a touch of glamour, and can also go one better than most similar sites – Monkeys and Mountains can tailor and book a particular excursion especially for you. This feature is a safari lover’s dream, and the perfect way for a novice adventurer to dip their toes into the world of travel.

Of course, if you prefer to plow your own furrow, you’ll also find recommendations on which territories to investigate for yourself – and a blog that is packed with essential advice, including how to ensure that you behave ethically toward wildlife whilst on a nature-based holiday.

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Green Global Travel

green global travel

Travel comes in with an unavoidable carbon footprint, so what is an environmentally conscious adventurer to do? The team at Green Global Travel has found a solution in the form of ecotourism, which focuses on environmental responsibility and retaining quality of life for indigenous populations.

Ecotourism destinations are available all over the world, along with a number of conservation tips – including ethical cultural exploration. As is standard with travel blogs, reviews of equipment are plentiful, and the photography is breathtaking – never more than in the guide to the icebergs of Antarctica. Nature lovers will be in paradise as they browse the site’s many blog posts, and you’ll feel as though you are riding the West Virginia Rapids, volunteering at an Australian kangaroo sanctuary or observing the fallout of Chernobyl with the team itself.

If you have a passion for wildlife or natural beauty, this is an astonishing site – bookmark and sign up for the Green Global Travel newsletter at your first convenience.

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Borders of Adventure

borders of adventure

Borders of Adventure is the blog of British traver writer Becki, a previous winner of the Travel Blog of the Year award, who has travelled all over the world – which she describes as adventures with a social conscience.

Becki reviews gear and provides an online store to pick up what she recommends, and gives insight into resources that are advisable before and during any travel excursion that you may be planning. She takes great pride in changing common perspectives of cities throughout the world, and regularly updates the web’s blog with her latest escapades.

One of the appeals of Borders of America is Becki’s tendency to visit places a little off the beaten track. While the site takes in trips to locales all over the world, you’ll find guides to hiking in Ljubljana, embracing the culture of rural Mongolia and insights into how to prepare for travel to Iran.

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Dave’s Travel Cornerdaves travel corner

The Dave of Dave’s Travel Corner is one of the longest-serving travel writers on the blogosphere, penning missives on the art for over twenty years now.

Dave’s site is a comprehensive resource of all things travel, including videos of his adventures that allow you to see the world through his eyes – though there’s no shortage of HD photography if you prefer to keep things static.

The writing of Dave’s Travel Corner is largely broken down into three disparate fields – journals, in which guests to the site contribute chronicles of their own travels, city guides to various locations all over the world, and Dave’s personal blog, sub-titled Above the Clouds. This is one of the more interactive travel blogs on the web, with each post attracting a raft of comments from readers. When you take in posts such as Undiscovered Dominica, you’ll start to understand why this is the case.

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Getting Stamped

getting stmaped

Hannah and Adam are currently living their own variation on the American Dream, having packed their bags four years ago to start a new life as nomadic travellers.

The photographs on offer are of the highest possible standard (and even come with some handy tips on how to match this quality for yourself), and the Resources tab is a little more diverse and interesting than some competitors. As you may expect for a site named Getting Stamped though, this blog is all about Hannah and Adam filling their passports – this couple have evidently spent plenty of time in Asia and the southern African nations.

Furthermore, each destination is broken down into easily digestible chunks – take this country guide to Indonesia as an example. Getting Stamped is a charming site that is well written and easy to negotiate, that will surely leave you hankering for your own adventures.

Brendan Leonard

brendan leonard

Brendan Leonard describes himself as a writer, speaker and adventurer, and we can add proficient blogger to that list of accomplishments. Brandon has penned a number of books on the subject of travel and self-help, the most recognizable of which are Sixty Meters to Anywhere and The Great Outdoors – A User’s Guide.

The blog on Brandon’s site is sub-titled Semi-Rad and takes in a number of travel and adventure-centric subjects, with fascinating posts that cover tips as diverse as choosing the perfect campsite and how to handle an encounter with a wild bear in the woods – all with a rapier-sharp wit that makes it clear why Brendan is such a successful writer.

This site is a breath of fresh air amidst the travel blogosphere, negating the usual formula of focusing on reviews of gear (though that’s here too) and essaying accounts of a personal experience in a major overseas city. Regardless of whether you are interested in travel, this is a fascinating site to bookmark.

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The Yoga Nomads

the yoga nomads

Anne and Brandon are the Yoga Nomads, two practitioners of the ancient art that use that turned their passion into business – and are now hoping to do the same for their readers.

This blog is certainly focused more on yoga than it is travel, with no guides to the various different countries and cities that this American couple have graced with their presence. However, you will find tips on how to find a yoga teaching job at an international festival, among the other elements of this site, which is broken into three core segments; Travel, Yoga and the Business of Yoga.

While it may not be the most detailed travel blog on the web, The Yoga Nomads remains worth investigating – if only for its business insights into how to work remotely.

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Mallory on Travel

mallory on travel

Iain Mallory developed a taste for travel when he saw the world as a member of the US Armed Forces, and this blog covers his further adventures throughout the globe.

It’s a comparatively no-frills site, but there’s plenty to enjoy whatever your persuasion – the still photography is stunning, there are the usual reviews of gear, books and anything else that may be required by an aspiring adventurer, plenty of comments on cultural traditions throughout the world that Mallory has discovered and experienced, and of course the traditional articles and essays on various countries and cities that have been visited.

There’s a heavier bias toward Asia and Europe on this blog, but you’ll learn plenty about these locations through Iain’s posts. You’ll notice that the photographs outweigh the text, but we defy anybody to read this post on the rarely covered Oman and not wish to read on.

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Hiking the Trail

hiking the trail

Adam Nutting is the author of Hiking the Trail, a blog that was designed to chronicle his adventure of walking the Appalachian Trail. These days the site acts as an all-purpose summary of all things hiking, packed with photographs, tricks and tips on what to pack, wear and do while hiking (including such essential advice as how to save money when picking up hiking supplies), and insights into all kinds of adventures.

Hiking the Trail is a comparatively young blog so the site doesn’t have quite the archive that competitors can boast, but there’s certainly no shortage of content. Gear reviews may feel ten a penny on travel blogs, but as Adam acts as an ambassador for several outdoor brand he certainly knows his stuff, and

Posts (which are sometimes contributed by guests) such as learning to fish without the aid of expensive equipment, learning about all-important fire safety whilst out and about and location-specific posts on landmarks and entertainments are all well worth investigating.

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Young Adventress

young adventress

Liz Carlson is the fresh-faced female adventurer that we follow on this blog, a young woman that travels the world and blogs about the experience so that we can tag along for the ride.

This site will be of particular interest to solo female travelers (especially posts such as this), but there’s plenty for anybody to enjoy here. Whether you want to learn how to swear like a Spaniard, indulge in some festive cheer with a reindeer ride or follow Liz’s experience of falling off a camel. As you can probably tell, this is a blog that doesn’t shy away from the quirkier side of traveling life – but there’s plenty to keep the more serious reader enticed, including some stunning photography.

Liz will even teach you about the humble are of blogging itself, and what you can expect from the experience. She is easy and engaging company, and you’ll no doubt enjoy following their excursions throughout the world.

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Unusual Traveler

unusual traveler

Christian Lindgren is a young Norwegian blogger – and clearly he’s a modest chap too, calling himself the Unusual Traveler. He has visited a simply staggering number of countries during his career as a travel blogger, and it certainly pays off on the pages of this blog.

You won’t find many bloggers that give accounts of backpacking throughout Uzbekistan, Pakistan and North Korea (and contrary to what you may think, these tales are not all doom and gloom), and some other unique quirks compliments of Chris – guides to craft beer around the world and astonishing HD wildlife photography round out a hugely endearing blog package.

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Round Wego

round we go

Great, another blog revolving around a 20something American couple traveling the world and snapping unspeakably smug photos of themselves doing so? Far from it – Round We Go, the internet domain of Ryan and Laura, is a travel blog that’s packed with noble causes and intentions.

This is a stuffed site, and no mistake. Certain things are expected to come as standard with a travel blog, and you’ll certainly find them all here – packing lists and guides to gear, FAQs about world travel (including how to support yourself while doing so), and glorious photography designed to turn a reader green with envy.

Round We Go, however, also dedicates itself to raising funds for an orphanage in Zambia, which we can all agree is a cause worth getting behind. Combine this with diverting blog posts (one of each, for both Laura and Ryan) and you have yourself a site that both changes the world as well as passes the time.

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Stay Adventurous

stay adventurous

Stay Adventurous is the brainchild of blogger Craig, and American expat that has settled in Mexico. As a result, much of this website is dedicated to all things south of the border, including a podcast and a personal tour service of Mexico City.

You’re here for the blog though, which takes in many more destinations. Craig allows guests to make posts on his blog, and as a result readers are treated to insights into travel in Croatia, Florida and Kiev – as well as many more posts that discuss art forms important to travelers such as quality photography.

Speaking of photography, Sunset Sunday is arguably the most visually stunning and unique segment of this site – each and ever Sunday, a photograph of a sunset from one of Craig’s many adventures is posted. You may live in fear of the Monday blues, but these shots will give you shivers at the end of each weekend for entirely more positive reasons.

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We hope you enjoy this list of awesome adventure travel bloggers. Please let us know YOUR favorities in the comments!

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