Best 2 Person Double Sleeping Bags 2017 (Top 5 Reviewed)

Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag that houses two is an essential for any couple with a thirst for adventure vacations.

Whether you’re planning on hiking and camping, attending a festival, throwing a few worldly goods into an RV and driving cross-country or even just spending a romantic night under the stars in your own back yard, you’ll need to ensure that you are warm and comfortable.

There are a plethora of options on the market, and this guide will talk you through what you should be looking for to enjoy your outdoor escapades, regardless of where you intend to spend the night.

Even better, nothing like snuggling up safe and warm, particularly if ‘creepy-crawlies’ frighten you to death!

Best 2 Person Sleeping Bag Comparison Table

North Down Dolomite Double 20

north down dolomite double 20 sleeping bag

Temp rating: 20 F/-7 C

Weighs: 8lb 14oz

Wraparound footbox zipper so can lie flat

Big Agnes Dreams Island 15

big agnes dream island 15 sleeping bag

Rectangular shape for comfort

Weighs 9lbs 7oz

Pillow barn so pillow stays in place

Optimum space & comfort

Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Rated for +20F

Weighs 8.2lbs

Dual inside pockets


sleepingo sleeping bag

Rated for 32F+


Super Comfortable

Teton Sports Tracker 5F+ Double-Wide

teton sports track 5f+ double wide sleeping bag

Breathable soft polar fleece

Detachable hoodie

Germ shield filter


Buyers Guide to Two-Person Sleeping Bags

couple in sleeping bags

While it may be tempting to pack two individual sleeping bags for your excursion and retain a degree of personal space in unfamiliar surroundings, there are numerous advantages to a solitary one with room to share.

The most prominent of these is obviously the saving of space. If you are rolling up your sleep systems and carrying them with a backpack, you'll want to travel as light as possible - halving the equipment that you need to lug around will only benefit your spine.

The fact that sleeping outside can get pretty chilly is another consideration, even in the summer months.

It's well-known that sharing body heat is the fastest and most effective way to keeping toasty when the elements seem determined to send shivers down your spine, and a two-person sleeping bag offers plenty of opportunity for amorous snuggles and the exchange of core temperatures.

A quality two-person sleeping bag will also have room for any little people that may be traveling with you, so if the kids are prone to clambering into bed with you in the morning, the space allowed by one of these sizable sacks will mean you don't necessarily need to break the habit.

While it's clear that a two-person sleeping bag is the way forward, however, which two-person sleeping bag to choose is another matter entirely - and there are all kinds of factors that need to be taken into consideration before committing to a purchase.


fathe and son sharing sleeping bag

Warmth is obviously primary among these as sleeping bags typically have two scales of heat management; seasonal and heat management.

A sleeping bag that promotes itself as a one-season selection is fine for the summer months, during which you won't wish to overheat in a thick, insulated cloth cocoon (especially if camping, as tents can trap heat akin to a greenhouse when the morning sun beats down directly upon them), but will offer little to no protection from the elements during the winter.

If you are a year-round adventurer you'll be looking for a four-season sleeping bag, which will ensure you remain cozy during even the harshest winter nights.

​Temperature Rating

Alternatively, you could simply look at an item's temperature rating. These typically tell you the minimum temperature that a sleeping bag will protect you from, so if you plan to sleep outside during the cold season you should be looking for something with insulation that allows for a drop below freezing point.


Much like a duvet, sleeping bags also come with differing fillings. The most common example is synthetic, with means that the bag will be stuffed with polyfibers.

This is almost a default choice for many sleeping bags as it is the most cost effective manner of keeping warm, and is also machine washable and dries rapidly should you be caught in the rain - as well as being light to carry, the importance of which should never be underestimated if you are an avid fan of hiking long distances before you settle down for the night.

However, if you're looking for the comfort that comes from bringing a little bit of home to the great outdoors you could look into a sleeping bag that is stuffed with duck or goose down filling.

This is undoubtedly warmer than synthetic filling and will feel akin to dozing under your own duvet, and is also sturdy and long-lasting, meaning that you'll pay more but probably only pay once, but the trade-off is the absence of waterproofing.

As anybody who has accidentally spilled a glass of water on their bedspread knows, the various types of animal down take a long time to dry out, and if your sleeping bag is rained upon before you manage to set up camp you can anticipate an uncomfortably damp night ahead.


The inside of a sleeping bag is usually lined with nylon or polyester, which is ideal – try not to succumb to the temptation of a bag lined with cotton, as while this may appear more comfortable it will attract and retain moisture during the winter, and to be honest, will get a lot more ‘stinky’!

​Optional Extras

Optional extras are also worth taking into consideration when choosing a two-person sleeping bag. It's worth ensuring that both sides of the bag have a zip for access and exiting, as having to disturb and climb over your snoring partner in the middle of the night will quickly grow frustrating.

Some sleeping bags come with a compression sack, which will make them significantly easier to pack and carry.

Some also come with a hood stitched into the head of the bag, which can be a huge advantage during the winter - after all, the majority of our body heat is lost through our heads.

Hoods will also prevent bugs and small creatures crawling into your ears late at night!

These are things to look for in a two-person sleeping bag, but all the same, who has the time for all that research?

Allow us to help you sleep at night by recommending five of the finest items that can be easily picked up online today.Just keep in mind what you want from your sleeping ‘vehicle’ – if you are only going away once (or think that once is enough if you are a luxury type!), then keep your money in your pocket and go for the most functional dependent on weather conditions at your destination.

Our Top 5 Choices For Double Sleeping Bags​

1. North Face Dolomite Double 20

north down dolomite double 20 sleeping bag

Few outdoor brands inspire as much confidence as North Face, and this sleeping bag is a fine example of what they can offer an adventurous couple.

The Dolomite Double is officially a three-season sleeping bag (meaning that it’s ideal for use from spring through fall, and even mild winter nights), but it a temperature rating up 200 Fahrenheit, meaning that it will protect users from all but the harshest elements.

The size of a queen-sized bed, this bag has two zips and can be compressed and squeezed into a provided storage bag, while it can also be separated into two individual sleeping bags if you are sick of your partner’s snoring and wish to doze elsewhere, or simply turned into a giant duvet.

One the best couples sleeping bags for its versatility in changing things up when you no longer need to use each other for your heat.

PROS Flexible, versatile, comfortable and mobile, there is plenty to love about the Dolomite Double – especially if it’s used in the summer months, where it will keep you warm without causing you to overheat.

CONS Despite the claims of the temperature resistance, this is technically a three-season sleeping bag and may not be perfect for the damp air of coastal camping holidays.

2. Big Agnes Dream Island 15

big agnes dream island 15 sleeping bag

This sleeping bag sells itself on its comfort, and it certainly delivers on that front – especially designed as double-wide you’ll have no shortage of space in the Big Agnes Dream Island, while the pillows are stitched into place meaning that you won’t find yourself becoming unaligned during the night, and hoods are also included for extra heat retention.

Unfortunately, however, the bag does lose heat from the bottom, so you’ll need to get a mattress pad separately. A comparatively small sacrifice, however, when you factor in the luxury offered.

PROS Comfort, comfort, comfort – this is the closest you’ll come to sleeping in your luxurious double bed at home.

CONS Not really designed to retain heat from below, you’ll definitely need to invest in a separate insulated sleeping pad to take full advantage of the Big Agnes Dream Island. This isn’t ideal when you’ve already laid out $250 for the bag itself.

3. Winterial Double

Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Available in gray or red, the Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag promises to keep your warm on even the coldest of nights.

Whilst not as flexible as some of the other bags we have reviewed (this item is bulky and heavy, meaning that it’s no use for air travel of backpacking), but you’ll feel the benefit when you slip inside at night and enjoy protection from temperatures as low as 200 Fahrenheit.

This bag doesn’t separate into two, but you will be able to enjoy the bonus of sleeping hoods, dual zips and subtle pockets for storing valuables. A great all-rounder provided you will not have to carry it too far.

PROS A cheaper alternative to some of the previous suggestions, this is a great option for campers on a slightly tighter budget that are still looking for premium quality. Very few sleeping bags can rival the Winterial Double for warmth, making it great for winter getaways.

CONS This bag is virtually impossible to compress and stow in a small sack and weighs in at 8lbs, so it can be pretty cumbersome to carry. Some campers might prefer the flexibility of being able to split their double sleeping bag into two singles.

4. Sleepingo Double

sleepingo sleeping bag

The Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag is a cheaper option, but if you’re really looking for a cost-effective solution to outdoor sleeping then this model from Sleepingo is the way to go.

Plenty large enough for two adults with space to spare and able to be separated into two if necessary, solid and durable but still soft to the touch, waterproof and priced reasonably, this is a fantastic three-season starter sleeping bag for those keen to discover if camping is for them.

PROS Tough, flexible and cheap as chips, it’s hard to imagine any novice camper regretting the choice of the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag throughout the spring, summer or fall.

CONS This bag is not quite as cozy as come of the alternatives, offering protection of up to 320 Fahrenheit. If you are planning to camp in the winter, or in a cold or wet territory, you may be better served by a more insulated option.

5. TETON Sports Tracker +5F Double-Wide

teton sports track 5f+ double wide sleeping bag

A Mummy design sleeping bag, the TETON Sport Tracker +5F offers similar perks to the Winterial Double, but includes a few extras.

This sleeping bag contains body-mapping technology, meaning that it will provide extra insulation to extremities such as your feet, which may feel the chill, more than other parts of your body, and it opens out as a duvet if necessary.

As a Mummy design it’s still heavy at 8lbs, but it can be packed down a little smaller.

Still not ideal for anybody planning on hiking and carrying their sleeping bag on their backs, but if you’re looking to throw it into the back of the car and pitch a tent in the woods you can do far worse than this bag that offers temperature protection up to 5°F.

PROS Comfortable and warming, plenty spacious, and very, very durable and easy to clean – this is arguably the best choice of sleeping bag for anybody travelling with young children.

CONS As is so often the case with Mummy design sleeping bags, you simply won’t be able to use this is a portable bed.

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