Best Road Trips in the World (With Maps!)

12 of the Best & Most Scenic Road Trips on Earth

Remember those childhood days when you were constantly fighting with siblings and daddy was driving the car. However, it’s a whole different ballgame with driving as an adult. Taking the best road trips in the world has become an international affair now. All thanks to cost-effective gas prices and a stable economy, citizens can become a nature-boy and head-out for a long-awaited road-tip.

Listed below is a compilation of 12 hot spots for road-trip adventures testing the limit of road-trip aficionados:

1. Germany: Romantic Road

Given that it has performed miserably on the world’s worst lovers list, Germany sure has a romantic streak to it, a romantic road to be precise. The inspirational 220-mile route passes along majestic castles, wine country and medieval towns, and provides quite a many places to stop by to drink German beer.

The beer is served women dressed as St. Pauli Girl.Interact with the fellow wayfarers, venture along the English Garden for large-sized pretzels and experience the luscious beer garden first-hand. Visit the Hofbrauhaus brewery and choose from your favorite brewery.

2. Australia: Great Ocean Road

The Australians have paid a majestic tribute to World War II veterans with their awe inspiring World’s Longest War Memorial. The motorway is 151-miles moving along the south-eastern coast of Australia. The coast showcases cascading waterfalls, monstrous surf, beautiful rain-forests and a few whale lookout points.

In addition to that, you can catch a Kangaroo and Koala Bear here and there. Don’t forget to miss out on Twelve Apostles. Now, there are only 8 apostles left built from limestone pillars. Originally, there were 9-apostles. However, they are still a sight to behold and mesmerize with their periodic effect.

3. China: Guoliang Tunnel Road

At least a dozen villagers have dug this tunnel road with their bare hands in a period of 6-years. The tunnel road extends 8 miles. The tunnel road emerges from the mountainside. It takes just ten minutes to drive through it, however.

Just drive slowly to sink in the lush view given by the windows However, competitive spirit rose among the native Chinese and each embarked on building their own mountainside tunnel.

The neighboring villages of Xiyagou and Kunshan have carved out their own tunnels, allowing tourists a fresh breath of air.

4. United States: Route 66


This route stretches 2,400 miles and passes through 8 separate states (Illinois to California). It is a salute to being an American passing everything from vinyl booths, diners, retro gas stations, tourist shops and lastly wigwam motels.

Celebrate the heritage of the Uncle Sam with 72-oz red meat with a 100% guarantee of inducing heart attack in old age. More so, don’t forget to stop at Big Texan Steak Ranch, located in Amarillo, Texas on Route 66. Tucked secretly is the nation’s most popular eatery. Its eat-it-or-buy-it binge contests are all the more famous, which draws visitors itself.

5. South Africa: Garden Route

For the weary city person, Garden Route in South Africa is indeed an it destination’ for rekindling the adventurous spirit. The 150-miles is thoroughly jam-packed with tons of activities, inclusive of casinos, underwater cage diving for watching sharks at an arm’s length, bungee jumping, ostrich ride and monkey world, among many fun activities.

Don’t forget to visit Bloukran’s Bridge. It’s a sight to behold. The thin overpass overlaps a stream of river 790 feet below. More so, it has at present the tallest commercial bungee jumping worldwide.

6. Canada: Icefields Parkway

Canada has so much to offer than just unforgiving winter. Most would all Canada has is maple beer and strip clubs in Montreal. However, that’s not all. It even has the world’s most surreal drives. The tarmac ribbon stretches along 144 miles and connects 2 national parks, passing by limestone cliffs, majestic valleys, and world’s bluest water man has laid eyes on yet.

Remember to check out elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Don’t forget to stop at Glacier Discovery Centre and board school bus for heading towards Athabasca Glacier. The larger-than-life ice cube has a limited time-span.

7. Iceland: Ring Road

Yeah, Iceland is a wondrous tourist spot. The ring Road stretches 832-miles, envelops the whole country, and allows travelers past geothermal pools, fjords, volcanoes, glacial lagoons, black-sand beaches and variety of other scenery seen only in movies and TV shows.

Don’t forget to visit Jokulsaros, an iceberg filled lagoon which was also portrayed in Batman Begins 2005. For a more otherworldly experience, catch the northern lights during months of April and August. It is truly a sight to behold and cherish for life.

8. Chile: Trans-Andean Highway

The Trans-Andean Highway stretches along 226 miles connecting Santiago to Mendoza, is equipped with 29 switchbacks since it climbs Andes mountain range in Chile, offering superior/ sublime views and makes a pretty good case of car sickness.

Survive this initial trip, and God rewards thou with a gift, a 2-mile tunnel which enters into Argentinian territory. Don’t forget to look for Cerro Aconcagua, which is the highest peak on the southern hemisphere.

9. Florida: Overseas Highway

The southernmost branch of US Route 1 boasts of a steel monument dedicated to our forefathers, which gives a feeling of we can do everything. It is a majestic 113-miles stretched magic carpet, adjoining Florida Keys to Miami with 42 different bridges, which is inclusive of Seven Mile Bridge (the name fits the description of the bridge).

Don’t forget to stop by the Big Pine Key to drink some beer at No Name Pub. It is a watering hole, just turned 80 years. Furthermore, it is just covered with dollar signed bills. Moreover, for those passing in July, visit the Underwater Music Festival.

10. USA: San Francisco to Los Angeles

It is a road-trip of a lifetime. This road-trip offers variety along the way as it starts from San Francisco and concludes at Los Angeles. The road-trip goes through 4-American states and presents the best American cities and National Parks. Ranging from lush to rugged landscapes, it gives a feeling of self-exploration and exploring inner self. This road-trip just keeps on giving.

11. Canada: Cowboy Trail

Your life’s passing through a rough patch, eh? Time for a roaring adventure, head to Cowboy Trail. This road trip is a hot favorite and road-trip enthusiasts take this road annually with religious fervor. Taking the route from Southern Alberta is simplistic, well-marked and full of splendid beauty and activities.

This trip is laden with surprises, a la Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Take a nosedive into splendor of Rocky Mountains, the badlands gives a terrific lunar landscape. In short, this road-trip is full of differing landscapes, keeping the attention of the travelers thoroughly busy.

12. South Africa: Durban to Cape Tow

For those thinking, Garden Route of South Africa sounds so childish should rethink. For those thinking about drinking tea in some garden overlooking the oceans could never have been so wrong. However, this road-trip is fun-filled, entailed with world-class wine, wild animals, terrific coastlines, awe-inspiring adventures, dining and wondrous nature.

South Africa sure had a trump card all along its sleeve. Garden Route is just the southern half road connecting Durban to Cape Town. Don’t forget to visit Cango Caves, Great White Shark Diving, Big 5 Safari, Microlight over Durban and Ostrich Farm.

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