11 Of The Best Places To Visit in Croatia (2017)

11 Places To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is a country that is full of historical and cultural heritage that was inhabited since the Paleolithic era. It was once situated between the Balkans and Central Europe. It is the cornerstone of the Balkan Peninsula and is a real jewel worth visiting in one of the summers. Croatia is full of untamed nature and a rich history that is best viewed by visiting the Islands.

1. Dubrovnik

DubrovnikImage credit: Aegean Air

The town of Dubrovnik is best defined as the Pearl of the Adriatic. The town supports an all year round tourist industry. It is full of imposing sea walls that create nice and beautiful scenery. Its streets are made of shimmering marble and everything in the town is nothing short of lovely. It also has a historical architecture that is best defined by the 16th century Sponza Palace.

Tourists can walk around the ancient city walls or take a cable car up to the nearing Mount Srd. The ancient walls provide a perfect photo background that looks and feels like the Game of Thrones. You can sample the wine varieties in the various wine bars around the town. Tourists also buy souvenirs at the various shops that have high-quality ceramics and flavored spirits that can be exchanged as gifts.

The town has everything a tourist will seek on regular outings. It also has a medieval pharmacy that is 700 years old and is frequented by locals for their prescriptions. It also has other attractions like the Square of the Loggia, Fort Lovrijenac, Fountain of Onofrio, and many other sites.

2. Plitvice National Park

Plitvice National Park

Lake in PlitviceImage credit: np plitvicka jezera

The Plitvice National Park is a beautiful landscape of azure lakes, waterfalls, and mountains that are highly ranked in the world tourist’s map. It is the most celebrated national park in Croatia and it is a UNESCO Natural Heritage site. It has 16 interconnected lakes of emerald waters and craver tine dams that are also entailed by lovely big waterfalls. The National Park is full of flora and fauna that will easily be appreciated by lovers of nature from all walks of life.

The lakes have wooden footbridges that link them and make hiking and site viewing ideal. Most of the most common animals include brown bears, wolves, and more than 160 bird species. Tourists can have a boat ride across the lakes as they enjoy the island life. Hotels at the edge of the park make overnight stay a simple and relaxing deal.

3. Zagreb

Zagreb CityImage credit: Adventure Zagreb

Zagreb is the Capital of Croatia and it has numerous places to visit. The architecture entails both Austro-Hungarian and social architecture. The city has a museum, theater, live music, sprawling parklands, and even medieval alleyways that will make visits quite interesting. Visiting Zagreb offers the culture and history of the locals at a wide scope. The town is equipped with parks, cafes, shops, and restaurants that will offer the complete necessities of tourism.

Tourists in the town should also ensure to take a walk and some exquisite photos on the Lenuci’s Horseshoe. Some of the other places to visit in Zagreb include Gornji Grad, Croatian Sabor (parliament), Tkalciceva Street, St. Mark’s Church, Ban Jelacic, and the Zagreb Cathedral that has a lot of history attached.

4. Pula

PulaImage credit: Thousand Wonders

The town of Pula is full of scenic places to visit. The ancient town is dressed in Roman marble that makes it a jewel at the rear end of the Istrian Peninsula. The Pula Arena was built in the 1st century by Romans and it is one of the largest remaining Roman amphitheaters that are well preserved. The Arena hosts the Pula Film Festival in July and it’s always busy with events, concerts, and exhibitions.

The town has sufficient restaurants for both locals and tourists. It is dotted with lively beer bars and traditional Croatian eateries known as Konobas. It also has rugged cliff-backed coves that are ideal for visiting. The Aquarium Pula is also worth visiting as it is home to more than 100 species of Adriatic fish where tourists can feed them.

The town also has the Pula Cathedral, Church of St.Francis, the Dvojna Vrata, Temple of Augustus, Zerostrasse, and the Kap Kamenjak that are all beautiful sites ideal for the whole family. Pula is easily accessible because it has an international airport with plenty of flights. The weather is hot from July to August with light clothes mostly worn.

5. Split


The Split is a top attraction to visit on the Dalmatian coast. It is the second largest city in Croatia and also a major port. The Diocletian’s Palace at Split is a UNESCO listed heritage site that is worth giving a visit. The palace houses more than a half of the town with more than 220 buildings that have access to restaurants, shops and a plethora of bars.

Some of the best places to visit in Split include the Peristyle Square, the people’s square, Jupiter’s temple, Republic Square, Riva, the statue of Grgur Ninski, and the Bacvice beach. Activities to enjoy in Split include rock climbing, swimming, water rafting, and sailing tours. It is also a good place to board cruise ships for island hopping on the surrounding beautiful islands.

6. Krka National Park

Krka National ParkImage credit: np-krka

The Krka National Park is an interesting place to visit in Croatia. It hosts both cultural and historical monuments that are part of this great Park. Some of the most outstanding sites in the park include the Franciscan monastery that has a vast picture gallery and a church.

The park also holds an old Krka Orthodox monastery and has other old ruins like the Roman ruins on its higher grounds. The Krka waterfalls are also beautiful and the surrounding waters are clear with fish and ducks. Walking around the waters is magical as you enjoy the best of nature. You can always lie out on the grass to enjoy the sun and the beautiful vegetation around the park.

Tourists can also visit other nearby areas via boat excursions that are fairly charged. The park also has a number of other falls worth visiting that include the Skradinski Buk falls and the Manojilovac falls that are impressive to the eye. Swimming in clear and warm water is a major activity especially next to the waterfalls.

7. Pag Island

Pag IslandImage credit: Beach Lover Diary

The Pag Island is a great place to visit all year long. The island has a clean and well-kept beach called the Zrce beach that is ideal for sand bathing and other tourist activities. Tourists are known to enjoy the sun and clean waters in a place that is not overcrowded. The weather and environment are ideal for swimming with little nice pebbles in the water. The town is well known for its popular Pag cheese that is made from sheep’s milk.

The nightlife on Pag Island is ideal for clubbing and dancing all night. The bars and clubs are granted a 24-hour license for operating all day long. The night activities start as early as 4 pm and there are a good number of discos and clubs to dance the night out. This is the best place to party in a pool. There are also common beach parties that host international DJ’s to rock the crowds. The party out here is simply known to never die.

8. Hvar

HvarImage credit: Lonely Planet

Hvar is the sunniest and most beautiful place among the Croatian Islands. It has a nice landscape and pebbly beaches that are bordered by calm and azure seas. The island is full of chic restaurants and favorable party spots that are ideal for the perfect outing. The towns open fields are filled with purple lavender and some vineyards on the hillsides.

The town of Hvar is a regular tourist destination that entails top hotels and restaurants that offer the best of seafood. The town has a hilltop fortress, a 16th-century cathedral, and a nice fishing harbor that is popular with yachters. The old town is car-free but it still has its place among the best spots to visit in Croatia.

The town is a common destination for sea-kayaking with the nearby Pakleni islets. It has a nice and lovely beach that is characterized by various water sports. Passengers can always commute to this great town via ferry from Split.

9. Rovinj

Rovinj port

Rovinj in Istria is a town that is a tourist destination full of Venetian-styled houses. The old town proves to bear much of incredible history. It is bordered on 3 sides by the Adriatic Sea and the housing is built with pale limestone that somehow glows in the sun. The town is full of restaurants, bars, and art galleries that are glamorous and full of life. It is a good place to visit and will leave a mark in your mind.

The best view of the town is above it where you can see the puzzle like streets and red-tiled roofs near the sea and other small islands. The bell tower in the town is one nice place for this magnificent view. Cycling among amateurs and professionals is also common in this town that has four marked cycling trails for cyclists. The town also has 2 museums that include the Batana Museum and the Rovinj Heritage Museum.

The harbor is full of old fishing boats and beautiful yachts that reflect on the active sea life of the natives. Tourists can visit the various ancient ruins, the Rovinj Town clock, enjoy rock climbing at Punta Corrente or visit the unfrequented beaches and the 10km-long Lim Fjord. The main entry gate of the three town gates is known as Balbi’s Arch and is also a great site. The town also has a forest park known as the Golden Cape that is 20minutes from the center. You can also enjoy bird watching while sipping your glass of wine in this old town.

10. Makarska

Makarska beachImage credit: Total Croatia News

Makarska is located between Dubrovnik and Split and it’s a popular cruise stop that is Beautiful. It is full of lively beaches and a lovely landscape with a colorful harbor. The place is just behind the great Mountain of Biokovo. The town has sufficient restaurants and taverns or pizzerias for eating. The town is a good spot for swimming, hiking or even mountain biking.

The city of Makarska has a fragrant pine forest that is overlooking the sea. The town beach is ideal for a family outing complete with jet skis, paddle boats and even banana rides. The city has a few art galleries like the city gallery which has some amazing art. It also has a Franciscan monastery that is 500 years old. There is a unique Malacological museum in the monastery that is dedicated to the study of mollusks.

The city has various festivals in summer that include the fishing festival in Dalmatian style, the summer carnival, and various folk festivals. The nightlife of the town is also active with numerous clubs and other sources of entertainment. You can commute to Makarska by flight to Split then board a bus or rent a vehicle to the town.

11. Zlatni Rat beach

Zlatni Rat beachImage credit: Ask Beach

The Zlatni Rat beach is on the island of Brac and it is known to change the shape of its tip as per the tide and current. The white beautiful pebble beach that is ideal for relaxing or hanging out and it extends to the Adriatic Sea. The area of the entire beach is a protected natural area. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and it is a surfing and kite surfing destination that is frequented by various multinationals.

The most common activity by tourists is swimming in the warm and clear waters. The beach is equipped with plenty of sun chairs and loungers to ensure comfort for tourists and other local guests. The beach is ideal for electric music lovers with various bars on the beach that roar with loud music. The beach has sufficient accommodation and transport to the nearby port of Bol.

With so many islands, Croatia provides the best opportunities for island hopping. Practically all of these islands are a game for adventure. The country has more than 1244 islands of which around eighty percent are uninhabited.

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