Travel Solo: 10 Reasons Why Travelling Alone Is Better

10 Reasons To Travel Solo

Although it will possibly sound clichéd, sometimes the only travelling companion you need is yourself. Many are put off by the idea of travelling solo because they are afraid.

Maybe that’s how you feel. Perhaps you had a bad experience travelling on your own many years ago. Whatever is causing your reluctance, it is time to reconsider.

If you want your next trip to be a truly memorable one, here are 10 reasons why you should go solo.

Planning Is Easier

Each of us have places we want to travel to during our life. However, we often put off these trips because we don’t have anyone to go with.

As everyone has different travelling interests, budgets and schedules it can be a waste, waiting for the time when everything is just right

To go on that trip you with your best friend you have always wanted to take to Thailand, the Amazon Rainforest or even Venice or Rome.

When you travel on your own though, you only need to worry about you and what you can and want to do.

You Get Quality ‘Me Time’

There are so many digital distractions in the world, it can be hard to ever find the time to recharge your own batteries.

When you travel solo however, you have all the space and time for valuable time by yourself. Taking a trip alone gives you the opportunity to find the joy in your own company and reflect on your life.

Furthermore, travelling alone can be a great way to learn more about yourself. Whether it’s developing new interests, the way you interact with strangers when you don’t have other travel companions

Or deep realizations you come to about your life and where it is heading.

You Are In Charge Of Your Own Itinerary

If you have ever went on holiday with someone else or a group of friends, you will know how hard it can be to just pick the dates of the trip, let alone anything else.

Once you figure out the dates, then its the accommodation, then where you are going to eat, where are you going and what are you going to do there.

That fun idea to go on holiday with your mates, quickly turns into a a stressful exercise in diplomacy, negotiation and ultimately, compromise.

This is why you should plan out the perfect holiday for you without anyone else interfering.

Want to visit as many castles as you can over a weekend or want to spend 3 uninterrupted days on a beach somewhere exotic?

You can do that when you travel alone.

You Can Make New Friends, If You Want

Loneliness is probably the biggest reason why people avoid travelling alone.

However, with some forethought, you never have to feel lonely travelling alone, if you make good choices.

If you are worried about eating alone, find places where you can eat at the bar or stick to groceries and street food instead of restaurants.

Want to interact with locals? Find some friendly bars or cafés. You could even take museum tours or cooking classes to find people with similar interests.

You Will Have More Meaningful Experiences

There are obvious advantages to travelling with friends and family. However, whether they mean to or not, other people can distract you from your chosen destination.

It can be nice to have those shared experiences, but it can often be even nicer to have experiences that are solely yours.

It’s A Great Way To Boast Your Esteem And Confidence

It can be a very scary experience, setting off somewhere new and exciting on your own. But, the upside to this is once you have gone out there and did it on your own, you will find a new level of confidence in yourself.

Making new friends, navigating complicated train and bus systems, ordering food in a foreign language using only a pocket English-whatever dictionary.

There are many rewards you can gain by travelling on your own that will give your self-esteem a nice boost.

You Will Become A Better Traveller

When you travel alone, you become better at observing the places and people around you, which can make you a better and more compassionate person in general.

As an outsider, how you approach and interact people is very different and these changes are positive ones when it comes to travelling.

As well as making you a more patient and kind person, it enhances your curiosity in the world around you and you will find that you learn more about others

Because you can pay more attention when you are alone than you could travelling with someone else.

You Can Budget More Easily

We all have different attitudes to spending and budgeting can always be stressful when it comes to travelling. It is much easier to calculate and stick to your own budget when you are on your own.

Even when you are with someone on a similar salary or with your partner whom you’ve shared finances with, most people have different ideas of how much to spend and where.

Greater Satisfaction

If you have ever travelled with another person, there will be something that disappointed you about that particular trip.

Perhaps it was an argument over getting lost or that your best friend didn’t bother to learn the local language at all so you had to translate the whole time.

Big or small, problems often arise when you travel with other people. Travelling alone removes those problems because you only have to worry about keeping yourself happy.

You Will Find Answers To Important Questions

If you have ever asked yourself “What would I do on my own?” when thinking about travelling solo, you should book a trip immediately.

Along with everything above, you will learn exactly what you would do on your own.

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