Best Fjords in the World (To Visit Now)

Top 10 Beautiful Fjords Around the World

Our planet is full of mysteries that we might never comprehend fully.

Nature seems to have a rhythm of its own as it dazzles us with an endless cycle of destruction and creation. Tectonic plates beneath us are constantly shifting, the oceans are stormy and raging in one moment and suddenly calm in other.

Although, we might never fully grasp the working of Mother Nature, we can definitely witness and marvel at her wondrous creations.

Fjords are one such rare product of nature that the planet has churned out as a result of its constant shifting and maneuvering.

They are typically defined as a deep and narrow arm of sea formed as a result of the submergence of a glacier or a glaciated valley. Nothing beats the feeling of approaching a scenic fjord for the first time after an arduous trek.

As you stand on the edge of the cliff witnessing the sea in all its glory and gusts of wind brush your hair back, you can’t help but feel euphoric.

Even though, Norway has some of the world’s deepest and most enticing fjords on offer, we have compiled the top 10 fjords from all around the world in the list below. If these pictures don’t get you packing your bags, probably nothing will.

1. Lysefjorden, Norway

 Lysefjorden, NowayImage Credit: Visit Norway

Lysefjorden is an astonishingly spectacular fjord situated in Ryfylke area of Norway. This particular Preikestolen attracts hordes of tourists just to experience the eerie feeling as the flat, steep cliff looks directly down the fjord, creating a feeling of looking into abyss.

The view is simply breathtaking and admirable, worth cherishing for years to come. It is the premier spot to approach Lysefjorden for that matter. No fences are found nearby.

2. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New ZealandImage Credit: New Zealand

New Zealand, the Milford Sound is a famous tourist point, also praised by noteworthy author, Rudyard Kipling. He termed it as the 8th Wonder of the World. It consists of two waterfalls, Stirling Falls and Lady Bowen Falls, with all the smaller waterfalls seen during rainy season.

Tourism has matured with all kinds of facilities and amenities present. The view from here is simply breath taking with crystal blue water and snow capped mountains on all sides.

Due to it’s huge popularity, it is regarded as the epitome of South Island’s beauty in New Zealand and also in the rest of the world.

3. Geirangerfjorden, Norway

Geirangerfjorden, NorwayImage Credit: Ottar Walderhaug

It is a World Heritage Site, safely under the protection of UNESCO. A beautiful, small village known as Geiranger is present at the end of this fjord. It is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Norway at present.

The Geirangerfjorden is accessible via Geirangelva River. The fjord makes the famous ‘S’ shape which can be witnessed clearly from the proper vantage point preferably on the adjacent cliffs.

With plenty of cultural experiences to be had all year around and many high waterfalls in Geirangerfjorden, you are guaranteed to have a memorable trip.

Tourists can hike, kayaking is a hot favorite and fishing makes it an ideal vacation spot.

4. Sognefjord, Norway

Sognefjord, Norway

Image Credit: Random Wallpapers

Norway is filled with naturalistic wonders. It is known as land of fjords, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. At present, Sognefjord is the biggest fjord in the world, whereas it is the third longest for that matter.

Its length is 250-kilometer (127-miles). It reaches deep into the village of Skjolden, whereas its depth is recorded at 1,308 feet. Tourists can frequent villages as an added advantage.

5. Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

This fjord is situated in New Zealand, called Sound of Silence, this majestic piece of Mother Nature is just grand and serene. It creates a quite polar-opposite atmosphere to Milford Sound.

Moreover, it also features exquisite flora and diversified fauna. Furthermore, it is the deepest fjord as of yet in New Zealand. It is accessible via air, hiking, cruise-liners and kayaking.

6. Patagonia, Chile

Patagonia, Chile

Southern Chile is laden with a dramatic coast, having multiple fjords as well as channels. Spanish invaders were the first ones to discover this uncharted territory. The shoreline was tough to navigate due to which a detailed map was sketched of the location.

Covered in a blanket of lush green vegetation, Patagonia has so much unexplored pearls of nature. The wild winds and steep climb make it a adventurous affair to visit this fjord. Tourists often frequent this exquisite location on cruise-liners.

7. Howe Sound, Canada

Howe Sound, Canada

Image Credit: Future of Howe Sound

Situated in British Columbia, an awe-inspiring fjord exists besides Vancouver city. This wondrous terrain is a by-product of protruding tall peaks and lush forests standing beside the sea.

Snowy mountains and beautiful vistas adorn this majestic Canadian fjord. It’s also a great place to relax and hear the symphony of nature in all its beauty.

The travelers have a massive selection of outdoor activities to choose from such as diving, sailing, hiking, fishing among many others. It is the most accessible North American fjord.

8. Westjords, Iceland

Westjords, IcelandImage Credit: West Fjords 

It is called Vestfiroir in native Icelandic language. It consists of a large peninsula present in the north-western portion of Iceland.

The terrain is a bit dicey, since it is packed with precipitous hills, sharp fjords and mountains making it tougher to navigate through with 4-wheeled vehicles.

The place is accessible on a boating trip. Small fishing villages are laden besides the shore.

9. Berujforour, Iceland

Berujforour, Iceland

This one stretches long 35-kilometers, laden with mountains and landscapes. Búlandstindur is adored by the hikers and, certain segment of population believes in its otherworldly healing powers.

It is situated on the eastern portion of Iceland and is reachable from the infamous Ring Road. Tired from the urban life? Head out in this unspoiled, majestic landscape to detox.

10. Misty Fjords, USA
Misty Fjords, USA

Image Credit: Blaine Harrington

The Misty Fjords is a picturesque location, bounded by wilderness of dense woods, it is a national monument. It is situated in southern region of Alaska. Kayaking is a high-preferred form of recreation in this rocky neighborhood.

The tourists are offered special discounts and offers which allows them to frequent the Misty Fjords at their own leisure. This can entail cruise-liners and air trips. Glacial lakes as blue as sapphire, towering waterfalls and a lot of water sports activities make this fjord a vacationer’s paradise.

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